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Audiobook From the Ashes of Strife

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This wa a great story of a colonel in sadam hussiens army who fled to the US and the life experience of his son growing up in America to become a renown surgeon

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English (Australian)

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Middle Aged (35-54)


Australian, Iraqi


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from the balcony. I couldn't see the pavement for the tops of heads. Most were covered with cloth, some white, some green, many rid. Mother said White was for peace, green for Islam and read for anger between the heads of forest of fists pumped in rhythm to shouts of Marg Bosch shot Death to the king throughout the month of June 1978 I had heard the same shelter almost every day in our street. Angry shouts frightening me that afternoon are more in a black robe and turban led the mob. He stood on a wooden crate across the street, every so often flapping his arms like a raving about to fly, urging his followers to kill the shark and anyone who opposed Islamic rule. A soldier in fatigues strolled among the crowd, a rifle slung over his shoulder. When he was a few paces in front of the mullahs, he stopped, slipped off the rifle and held it across his chest, stroking the stock as if it were his cat. He fixed his black eyes on the mullahs, steady, cruel eyes as those of a hawk held under the mullahs spill. The people seemed oblivious to the minutes of the soldier in his weapon, Mother gripped my hand. Have that to go inside. Start up. I think something terrible is about to happen. Glued to the unfolding scene, I stood motionless, The soldier raised his rifle and the mob didn't notice. He aimed it at the mullahs skull, and the mob didn't notice. Mother screamed, and the mob didn't notice. The soldier fired his weapon. The mullah's forehead shattered. Blood gushed. The crowd scattered as the body crumpled to the ground, eyes frozen wide in surprise and still is a pair of dead beetles. A yellow dog trotted over and lick the blood. The soldier grinned. I felt dizzy and everything went blank until I woke up in bid. Mother stood over me, damping my face with a cool washcloth, she said. I fainted.