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An audiobook sample about the interesting life of Bob Pisani.

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For 32 years I've been a financial correspondent for CNBC and for 25 of those years I've covered the stock market on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Every day trading commences with an opening bell ceremony at both the N. Y. S. E. And the NASDAQ that is viewed by millions around the world. It's one of the grand traditions of the N. Y. S. E. A bell has been rung to start the day since continuous trading began in the 18 sixties and every day trading ends with the same ceremony, A different person or company or charity rings the bell each time In 25 years. That amounts to over 10,000 bell ringing. Some of these bell ringers appeared on air in interviews with me or my colleagues. The majority did not, but they were available before and after the bell ringing as they usually descended from the podium and came onto the floor. That gave me an opportunity to meet a lot of exceptional people. C. E. O. S. Rock stars, government officials, firefighters, military heroes, olympic athletes. These people had one thing in common. They were all fabulously successful