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Why Not Me

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I was ask to read this for an inspirational video. Why Not Me is a clothing line that bares a message.

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Why not Me? Yeah. Yeah. Why not me? Mhm. We were born to win but programmed to lose told consistently what we can't do and what we shouldn't do, allowing individuals to place their limitations on us daily. And after hearing that repeatedly, we began to believe those lies told to us, creating low confidence. No motivation and lack of believing in our own abilities. Listen, success is not reserved for the chosen few, but success is reserved for the few who choose. We must choose to operate in the greatness we each were born with. We must decide the outcome we desire beforehand and then work endlessly until we see that fruit we desire comes to fruition. Having confidence and belief in yourself is like a muscle. It's something you must work on every day for it to grow strong. Yeah. Why not? Me is a mindset a movement. Faith simplified a transformational daily reminder that each of us absolutely has everything it takes to live life on our own terms. But first we must decide the outcome. Understanding that the act of not deciding what the outcome and destination will be automatically forfeits us from reaching those desires of our heart. What's the use of a gps? With no destination? If we don't decide on a destination, we can never arrive there, replace every doubtful thought with the phrase, Why not me? Every thought of quitting with the argument of Why not me? Yeah, decide who you'll be, decide what you'll be, decide what you want, decide to be great and you shall be. Yeah. The mind is our most valuable weapon. If used correctly. This is your story. This is your time. Mhm. Embrace the challenges for they prepare you for the greatness that awaits so say it loud. Why not me? Why not Me? Why not me? Why not me? Why not me? Mhm. Why not me? Is there any good answer? Mm? Why not me? Yeah?