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This voice-over was recorded for an agri-tech startup's explainer video.
The demo showcases my ability to speak fluently.

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According to recent research, 50% off Earth's rain, snow and ice each year falls in 12 days, 75% off. The world's rain falls in approximately one month. 12.5% off annual rain falls in just two days, 8.3% is the total drain on the register off the year. The statistics also show that the global demand for water has been increasing at the rate off 1% per year over the past decades as a function of population growth, economic development and changing consumption patterns, among other factors, and it will only continue to grow. We at radical growth solutions are addressing the same concern one former at a time, with our cutting edge, extremely cost effective, innovative solutions. You can know how your crop is doing while sitting in the comforts off your head. Our system reads weather and soil conditions and assist the farmer in making tough decisions, saving up to 70% off input resources. How do we do it? You ask. That's a great question. It all starts with installing our state of the art monitoring hardware, which includes soil moisture sensors and a micro weather station, to track light, intensity and temperature, soil moisture and temperature, water and fertilizer requirements off the crop, wind, speed and direction. Leave temperature and moisture. All this data is collected or by fire in a nearby data logger, which decides whether to turn on the irrigation system or wait for the rain. The data is sync with our servers over GSM, and alerts are sent to the farmer in an SMS. Radical growth solutions is dedicated to transforming farms into smart spaces and enhancing farmer life people. Radical growth solutions adding smarts to farming.