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good morning fighters. It's timeto wake up with your daily cup. This is Wake up S R. K. The official podcast of short you ken dot com Your competitive edge in the fighting game community. Now hear your hosts Keats and Steve site for it. Man, have you listened lately to Cool Rock 98.5 Cool Rock is the only station that plays today's cool hits Nirvana verb Dave Matthews Band. Turn it on and find out what you're missing. You're gonna love it. Get ready for a double whammy Weeknights. Tsunamis taken over the TV Here is the breakdown Midnight Gundam Wing Uncut. Yeah, you heard May 12 30 Dragonball Z Greatest action cartoon ever made to NAMI The midnight run like us Later. Only two nominees. I'm not into light meters or lens filters. I just want to take a good picture. That's why Kodak maximum versatility products are great choice for sunlight, low light action or still Kodak Gold. Max Wednesday on a whole New Sentinel. How do you stop a killer who's already dead? Its Super senses versus Supernatural? In the ultimate line Game Sentinel Back to back with Voyager Wednesday on U P n Come on, you can do it. Just 30 seconds of list, Doreen. Think of all the germs you're killing. History even kills the germs that cause plaque and gingivitis. See, you can handle it. Germs can't list Doreen worth the time every time.