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Hey, Simon, I'm KK. I'm going to be your angel of mercy. No. If a polar bear and a grizzly bear mate, their offspring is called a princely bear at birth, a baby panda is smaller than a mouse. No, I flat out refused to partake in his offer. Then when he tips that shot back with D ID, club him over the back of the head and take his wallet. You know, I've been sick for my entire life, But I've noticed things lately. No. Oh, hey, it's Simon. My name is Shea, And I'm going to be your executioner today. Mm. Smoke Simon? No. She was certain to win this round of hide and seek. She imagined the great battles being fought and terrifying pirates having many adventures. Hey, guys, how are you? Hey, what's up? Hello? Can you guys hear me? Yeah. Yeah, sure.