Child Voice Amera _Honest True and Sweet

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Child voice, age 8, honest true and sweet - with singing perfect for Ads!

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Child (5-12)


North American (General)


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for rounders. Today after my school club. I played rounders and we won. We're winners were champs. Doesn't mean that we will lose. We are strong, we are capable we can do anything if we try just follow your wings and fly like this song. Anything is possible and stop pulling. Don't give up any night as the sun eyes. Everything will be alright. Just like the sun will never cry. I went to Egypt last week and I had the best time ever ever ever. I saw the pyramid of Giza. I saw a sphinx and I saw a pyramid that was flat, flat at the top and chipped at the bottom because the romans came and chipped it off. By the way I climbed the pyramids. You weren't even allowed to. I just bam bam bam! I climbed the pyramids. I saw pyramids Sphinx. It was a beautiful view.