Gretta - South African Mum



Gretta is the mum next door - she finds a poem in her son's book bag for school that she wants to recite.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


South African (General)


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Hello. I just I'm my name's Greta and I just wanted to share with You a poem that I found today in my son's bookbag from school. And I'm very proud if if he did indeed write it on a dark path, throwing wrong ideas around like rocks wielding murderers. Thoughts like swords imposing are ill will. On around clear conscience. The mind has lost patience, impulsive actions back for an audience. In 5000 years of an expanding society with growing opulence and rise in poverty, the brain has shrunk. The mind is drunk. Our motto remains constant in this age of instant history has told us the pain of the past, and what we've learned is vast concerns about who deserves to live and the origins of life and the meaning of love. Questions to acceptance and tolerance mean nothing to the fool playing to an audience.