Journey of the Prince

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It's a sample story available on the site. The only contribution to this sample was my voice.

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the Prince Johnny Dawn, spending days travelling on his ninth. Some little ways items till one day he found himself in the heart. Off the adamant mountains. The great red ran night crags off the surrounding peaks rose out of the cleaning. Snow, like ugly fingers on the slopes of giant glaciers sparkled in the sun like Torrens of diamonds. The prints sat down by some stunted trees. Who's drops had been broken off a long time ago by an avalanche. On began to eat the bit off bread and cheese that he had stowed in his pocket. Meanwhile, his black horse ate the grass, which crew here and there along the mountain path. And as the prince out there and the bride son on the silence off the mountains, he became aware ofthe low, continuous, roaring. There must be a waterfall in nearby, said the prince to himself. I'll go and see it