Agree To Disagree

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OP tells his friend that he needs to be honest within their friendship or else being friends isn’t worth their time.

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this is Revere menus and agreed to disagree. Look, you don't have to be. You don't have to agree with me all the time. In order for me to like you more. I see what you're doing. And I just want you to know that you don't have to try so hard for me to like you or for anyone else to like you bu already like and care about you as a friend. And I'll tell you, I'm telling you this, okay? We're friends. And if we're going to be good friends, then I'd rather know the real you and not the you that you seem to be putting on. Yeah, you get what I'm saying. I used to do the same thing. And then I realized I care more about being true to me than having someone like me more. There's more to like when we all stop trying to front and just be true to ourselves. You may not agree with me, but that is my whole point. And if someone doesn't like you for you Oh, then they weren't worth having in your life to begin with