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Watership Down

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Diction, inflection, interpretation, British accent

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Middle Aged (35-54)


British, England - Received Pronunciation (RP, BBC)


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tell us a storey deadline. It was a fine May evening of the spring following the defeat of General wound wart and the effort fins on watership down Hazel and several of his veterans. Those who had been with him ever since leaving sent Ilford were lying on the warm turf full of grass and comfortably relaxed. New by Kihara was picking among the low tusks, not so much feeding as using up the days remains of his continual, relentless energy. The rabbits had been chatting together, recalling some of their grand adventures of the previous year, how they had left the sandal foot war in under five hours, warning of imminent disaster. How they hit first come tto watership down and dug their new warren, only to realise that there was not a single dough among them. Hazel had recalled the ill judged raid on the Bangor farm in which he had nearly lost his life. This had reminded several of them of their journey to the Great River, and Bigwig had told yet again of the time he had spent in Africa as a supposed officer of general wound Ward and how he had persuaded High simply to form the group of Does who had broken out in the thunderstorm. Blackberry had tried but could not explain his trick with the boat, which had enabled them to escape down the river. Bigwig, however, had refused to tell of his underground fight with general wound Ward, insisting that he only wanted to forget it. So instead, deadline had recounted how the nothing her dog let loose by Hazel had pursued him and Blackberry into the midst of the elephants gathered on the down. He had hardly finished when there arose. The well worn cry Tell us a storey, then the light tell us. A storey dandelion did not respond immediately, seemingly reflecting as he nibbled the grass and took a few hops to a sunnier patch Before settling himself again at length, he replied. I think I'll tell you a new storey this evening, one that you've never heard before. It's about one of the greatest of all adventures of el Hera. He paused, sitting up and rubbing his front paws over his nose. No one heard the master storyteller, who appeared by taking him time to be rather relishing his standing among the group. A light breeze stirred the grass and a lark ending its song, dropped down near them, paused for the time and then began another ascent.