Big Hoose Ghost

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This was used in a video for promoting my book.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


Scottish (General)


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There's a ghost in the big hoose of that, I'm sure creeping up and down our wooden staircase in the linen crew were years waiting patiently till I'm on the edge of sleep. Love cannot save my door, making the floorboards creak on When I'm far away in the land of nod, that's when it floats beside my bed. I saw it once through my eyes, tired and have closed, translucent and white Give me a fray and sent me under the bed clothes. If you're awake after the midnight hour dark and winter dreary, you can feel the floor vibrate enough to stop sleep and make you feel ever so weary. Many times I heard my aunt prepare to go to sleep after 10 on when I thought she was asleep in bed, I heard her footsteps on the stairs again. When the electric metre runs out of its 50 pence food inside the middle bedroom is where it stood off. This I'm sure on. You know, my aunt thinks I'm immature, but that ghost is waiting every night. Bladder full at 3 a.m. A scary wait toilet face I'm anticipating. Will tonight be the night for another fright. When I get ready for my bed, there's a ghost in the big Who's off that I'm sure on my bedroom is haunted.