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Rachel provided the narrative voice of Mount Sinai's innovative Lab100, dubbed \"clinic of the future.\"

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American


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Health isn't merely the absence of disease, it's a continuum and all of us are somewhere along it. At lab 100 we believe that this simple insight has the power to transform health care from a system that primarily treats disease to one that excels at maximizing health and preventing illness. Equal parts clinic innovation hub and research center. Lab 100 at Mount Sinai is dedicated to moving healthcare forward by rapidly prototyping new products and services and gathering data for basic research into the science of health. As a lab 100 patient collaborator, you are test piloting the future of health care. Your experience will determine which innovations become standard clinical practice and which go back to the drawing board. Furthermore, your d identified biomedical data will help researchers identify new biomarkers and develop better health assessment tools, thereby improving our very understanding of what it means to be healthy. You'll also receive the most comprehensive quantitative health assessment currently available information that will empower you to make smarter choices about how to move along the continuum towards better health. Thank you for your contribution to the future of health care. We look forward to your visit to lab 100 at Mount Sinai.