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Meet James, a 63 year old type two diabetic client who also has a history of hypertension and coronary artery disease. James Self checks his blood glucose at least three times a week and takes his prescribed medications as directed. Hiss fasting Blood glucose range is between 1 21 40 mg per deciliter. Diabetic nerve frothy is a complication that results secondary to diabetic microvascular changes in the kidney Pseudo scan can distinguish between asymmetric and symmetric small nerve fiber damage by alternating electrode polarity during scanning, thus allowing pseudo scan to differentiate between and isolated unilateral peripheral neuropathy and a peripheral autonomic neuropathy. One day, this technology could allow scientists to grow a section of healthy intestine to transplant into a patient. Until then, scientists are using the tissue to further what they know about the best way to treat intestinal diseases. In the short term, thes lab grown samples of human tissue with functioning nerves can be used as a screening tool to test new drugs before drugs go on to patient trials. Like the many spokes, oven umbrella umbrella trials have many patient groups or arms, making them quite complex. To manage and evaluate However, umbrella trials allow researchers to test a number of different medicines in patients with the same disease family and identify those who respond best to a specific therapy nd meds. I find hand pieces designed to treat the small, delicate and hard to reach areas such as the Perry Orbital and Perry Orel areas. When treating the peri orbital area, it is recommended to divide it into three sections under the eye under the eyebrow and above the eyebrow do not treat over the temple area.