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Dan Akers, UK English voice | The MEDICAL NARRATION Reel

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When you hire Dan Akers to voice a complex medical narration (a surgical procedure, clinical drug trial results, medical device training, etc) he'll research any missing pronunciations and record alternatives. Dan has a voice that instills confidence thanks partly to a lifelong interest in science.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


British (England - Yorkshire & Humber) , British (General) , British (Received Pronunciation - RP, BBC)


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Spasticity may be defined as her motor disorder characterized by a velocity dependent increase in muscle tone with exaggerated tendon jerks, The orbit calories occupies a sphincter muscle arranged in concentric bands around the upper and lower eyelids contains a novel set for cephalosporins designed to treat carbapenem resistant bacteria. Caregivers of patients with N A. M. D. Have reported having higher than expected distress resulting from hyper excitability of the stretch reflex. With 44% of patients achieving microbiological eradication of metallic beetle attorneys, producers versus 14% of patients receiving best available therapy. The complete filling of the veins during the venus phase allows for the best viewing of the paris. So viel capillary network as one component of the upper motor neuron syndrome. Following damage to the brain or spinal cord. The elevator palpably superiority is a triangular shaped muscle located in the upper eyelid neurosurgical techniques such as selective dorsal rays, artemis and peripheral neuron to me can present as major barriers for ocular drug delivery. In addition, various layers of the cornea conjunctivitis and clearer have an important role in drug per me. A shin. You have reached the end of this e learning module. The mortality imbalances many observed between patients with acinetobacter infections and no difference in mortality was observed between groups where patients had no acinetobacter infection at baseline. If you don't achieve a minimum of 80% on the second attempt altered sensory responses. Transient bladder incontinence and adverse muscle atrophy may occur as a result. Thank you for your time and attention. I'm dan acres at rec dot com, Home of free rex and to our audio. To find out more. And for my contact details, see rec dot com. We can also watch my always updating, ever evolving Organic. Thanks for listening.