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when a customer has a delightful experience with your brand. It can feel well, magical. But it's not magic. It's data customers give you lots of data every time they interact with your brand. But how do you actually use it? There are seven steps to using data to unlock personalization. At scale step one collect all the data and we mean all of it, both historical and a steady flow of real time data. Step two resolve customer identity. Now we can accurately identify and match the customer. Nice. Step three. Build a customer profile, access your single view of the customer that powers all parts of the brand that flexes and changes along with the customer experience. Step four generate insights and predictions. Next, it's time to put the data to work, to locate opportunities for roo I and increasing customer lifetime value. Step five audience segmentation, rapidly explore growth activity and marketing at scale, Step six. Orchestration and distribution. Now the only thing left to do is launch your campaign. Step seven, measure, learn and iterate. Step one through 6 is all for nothing if not for the rapid ability to change at the speed of data. It should feel smooth. Make your job easier and more secure and build trust. Better experiences for your customers, better results for your business