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ELearning 2019

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eLearning demo for educational, training, medical, and other eLearning uses.

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English (North American)

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Middle Aged (35-54)


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Hi, I'm Mark. And as part of your Microsoft Azure developer associate training, I'm going to walk you through how to create a platform as a service pas solutions. This will include creating an azure container service, a CS cluster by using the azure portal, operating an application on an azure container instance and utilizing code to manage container settings. When you're ready to get started, click on the next arrow in the bottom right corner to proceed. Today, I'm going to answer a very simple question. What's a compressor plug in and how do I use it? Q. Laugh track. Okay, so compression isn't the easiest thing in the world to wrap your head around. But let's start by looking at the common components and what they dio. Most compressor plug ins include a threshold when the compressor should kick on ratio, how much compression will be applied and attack and release settings, which pretty much do what they sound like. They dio Oh, and there's also makeup gain multiple meter functions, mid side or stereo linking any settings, which come in hard and soft varieties. Just in case you don't have enough parameters to keep track of Connor and Aria are out on the playground together. Connor wants to play hide and seek, but Aria says she's too tired from the long, boring history class they just escaped from and suggests a less intensive game of doctor and patient instead. Well, Connor's not having any of that, he declares. Area a poop head and runs away crying. Now is there another way Connor could have reacted That would result in he and Aria playing together instead of both parties having hurt feelings and nobody having fun. You know, I was really worried that surgery would just make my back problems worse. But after going through with it and a few P T sessions, I really am feeling much less pain in my neck and shoulders. Finally have some range of motion back, and for the first time in months, I'm not in constant pain. Really glad I went through with the procedure. That's great to hear. Michael, are you still taking your medication as prescribed to control the pain? Well, at first I felt like I was relying on the pills more than I was comfortable with. But thanks to these muscle strengthening exercises and stretches, the physical therapist taught me. I'm now able to get by on a lower dosage. I'm starting to feel like an actual person again.