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English (North American)

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American


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I hope they turn you into a toad, though you still would bother me that way. This song is going to be crazy. Get ready, dancers. I've kept my part of the agreement. So where's my pay? Relax, commander. Here's your money. I'm keeping one of the lot. The rest are yours. I think you get a nice ransom for their relatives. That's none of your business. Take who you need and get lost. Now I'm in charge here. Sure, Sure. Let me ask you though. Why haven't you tied up all the hostages? Or did you decide to let them go? No. I am not going to let anyone go. They've got nowhere to run. There's a dangerous jungle out there. I'll give them some freedom of movement. But if just one person runs away, I'm going to kill the rest and their blood will be on the hands off the runaway. This town wasn't as quiet as I expected. Glad I have the opportunity to investigate a bank robbery. Since the evidence leads out of town, I better head West. Too late. Henry is already looking for the ship's logbook. Soon it will be in my hands