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This is a training video that I create for a company utilizing the explainer model as a template.

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have you ever wondered what makes an artist successful and are there any benefits of focusing on networking for your career? Well today you might get the answer. Success in the art world hinges on the fine art of social networking. If you know how to navigate the sprawling international network, you will increase your chances of longevity in the art world by about tenfold. Like Kandinsky, Matisse or Picasso paying attention to strategic networking can help artists build long term successful careers, it gives them a chance to connect with like minded people to learn more about their careers and explore different facets of their field. Networking can lead to the initiation of relationships and the subsequent development of social capital. Social capital is the link of shared values and understandings in society that enable individuals and groups to trust each other and work together with social capital. You can access privileged information, better social relationships and productive outcomes when interacting with your social capital players. The varieties of social capital are bonding refers to social capital created within a group with shared interests and goals. Bridges refer to the creation of social capital across groups with successful bridges. Individuals discover shared interests and work together. Linkage refers to links with people or groups further up or down the social ladder who share norms, values and understandings. The facilitate cooperation networking plays a vital role in establishing and maintaining relationships. Dr Ivan Misner of BN I developed a three phase relationship development model, visibility, credibility, profitability or V. C. P. To build successful and profitable relationships to generate referrals, visibility is the first phase and entails you becoming more visible and present in the minds of your referral partners. Credibility is the second phase where others see you are trustworthy, reliable and they can refer you to others. Profitability is the third and last phase where the relationships with your referral partners have matured and become mutually profitable.