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Narrator for Fantasty audiobook

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the writer and black slid from its horse hood falling with the movement. Kaylene gasped at the sight. A pale bald woman glared back at her with black eyes, Angry red cracks ran across her skin. The woman's thin lips curled back into a snarl and Colleen felt her draw on her Spark. Zahl took advantage of this distraction and grabbed Kaylene by the hair. She yelled in outrage as he pulled her face into a rising knee, her nose exploded on impact and she fell head ringing, her vision dimmed as she sank into the cold wet mud. The focus! This Vatican roared. She looked up at the shout, confused blood dripping down her face into her mouth. Her friend leapt from the cart but froze, sinking to his knees. The spark er and black moved like a viper void eyes fixed on Vatican. A look of deranged glee, no desire etched into her ruined face, vegan shook eyes wide with fear, shock and disbelief, plain in his features. Haven't you heard Gantman said, licking his lips. He hadn't even dismounted. Change is in the air, allow our shadow spark a to show you the future, Kaylene Suge away! The pain! Opening the second sight! She gasped. A scream swelled in her throat. Black tendrils oozed from the shadow spark are pulsating as they slithered into Vatican. They entered his mouth, ears and eyes and he howled in agony. The spark of grinned, pulsating as she drained his light. His essence. His energy seeped into her pores. Kaylene had seen evisceration on the battlefield had seen its after effects on her father, but nothing like this. The dark energy invading her friend's body seemed a living thing, twisted by the will of this thing. This shadow spark, er vegan skin, withered hair shedding from his scalp. Seconds had passed just seconds, but already he looked a decade older evisceration. Kellen screamed, wiping the blood from her nose as she struggled to her knees. You can't do this teeth of Gods! Are you insane? She wouldn't watch this happen again, Not to be.