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An Elderly Healer Sternly Corrects a Young Soldier

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An elderly healer confronts a young soldier over the lack of proper care given to a woman and her son, who were both wounded in an altercation with a usurper king.

- Excerpted with permission from \"Evening Falls,\" Book One of the series, \"The Song of Deteen,\" by J. E. Kestner.

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That's it, boy, Keep breathing. That's it. Nice and steady. It took longer than was comfortable, but his breathing eventually became less ragged. Good. Now keep catching your breath. I'm going to see to your mother. At the mention of his mother, Markku excited again. His fight for air had pushed her from his mind, but now worry gripped him, and he searched madly for her. He saw the stranger first recognized him his Morgan and saw that he was furious. Idiot boy, did you do nothing for the shoulder? Obviously not. Don't just stand there. Start making some bandages. The soldier hurry to obey is Morgan pressed one hand to and shoulder to stem the blood with his other hand. He checked her eyes, head and body All the while, a stream of oaths cadence ing under his breath. The soldier tour long bandages from extra shirts in his saddlebag, and Morgan began to wrap the wound another moment later, and he'd made a sling for her arm to rest in. He placed two fingers on her wrist and a deep frown creased his face. He moved his fingers to her throat and waited. He then rounded on the soldier. They are alive. No thanks to you. In another hour, she would have bled out on the boy. It is nothing but a miracle. He is conscious. He can hardly breathe sitting there yet you made him run. I shudder to think where they would be if I hadn't met you. The boy soldier looked down but was unable to hide his powerful regret. I am sorry, sir. I didn't know what to do. I just knew I had to get them out of there before Sir Richard hurt them anymore. His voice was choked with tears. Though he fought them hard. Morgan suddenly looked very tired, had seen this same thing far too many times and was now wondering how to drudge up any emotions to deal with it. Leading on Sigh, he put his hand on the boy's shoulder. What is your name? Morgan asked Mason, sir. Where you from? Mason. How old are you? I'm from Mahan of North. They'll be 17. About four months. His voice was steadier now, but he didn't dare. Look up. I have been to Mahan. It's beautiful there. Morgan said I miss it sometimes They were quiet for a moment. Then Morgan spoke again. Mason from Mahan. You did a good thing. But in the future, you gonna have to square up and face these crises more conscientiously. You were a soldier now, and you will see things much worse than this before you are finished. Do you understand me? Yes, sir, I am. Let's just This isn't what I expected. Morgan lead on a bark like laugh. Is it ever? The teen is changing Mason and ugly scenes like this Go with it. You need to decide soon. If this is something you can do or not. Yes, sir. All right. Going back. I'll take care of them now. Mason got on his horse without looking at anyone. Has he gathered the reins? His eyes met. Marks. It was like looking in a mirror. They were both afraid, and neither knew what to do about it. Mark pitied Mason. The same pity Mason felt toward him, no doubt. Then the soldiers spurred his horse and galloped back toward the burning estate. Morgan watched him go before shaking his head with a sigh. They recruit them younger and younger. He muttered