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while Durant is looking to acquire an empire, Henry Ford is looking to innovate his way to the top. The model T is a revolution in auto engineering. While the average car weighs in at around £2000 the model T is just £1200 with the Steelers trailing in the last 30 seconds of the game. Terry Bradshaw attempted to pass to john, the ball bounces off the helmet of raider safety Jack Tatum, allowing Steeler fullback franco Harris to scoop it up and race in for the game winning touchdown with the flick of a switch, the warm summer nights become chilly autumn mornings and with the season, the fall run of atlantic striped bass is on its way. You want to get rich today, you build something for the Internet, you want to get rich in 1870 you build something for the railroad And everybody's trying at 33 Andrew. Carnegie has got the best shot. If he can figure out how to do something that no one's done before conquered the Mississippi. The trail of the missing convicts winds inside the prison walls, investigators tracked the inmates through the pipe until the trail ends at another cutout hole. That was probably our tensest moment. It's a warden's worst nightmare. The two convicted killers are long gone as the roundup begins, scott takes the lead. Among the riders is his nine year old daughter Sarah taking part in her very first Brandon. This is now scott's day to win or lose yet another chance to prove to himself and his father that he's ready to run things on his own.