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Chapter one, Babe, are you going to vote? Charlie Cooper took his phone off the speaker setting and went into the main office of the mechanic shop. Business was slow for a Tuesday, and he didn't want his coworkers eavesdropping. I think the polls close at seven tonight. I don't know. It's not like our vote matters anyway. We're in Texas. Why should I waste my time? Annie Russell sighed heavily into the phone, the background noise loud, and Charlie pictured her walking through rowdies, bar and grill as the lunch rush started to pick up fine. You can't complain whenever someone you don't like wins. Charlie smiled and glanced through the window and out into the garage. Three of his employees were standing around talking, and he made a mental note to find them something to Dio or the day would drag. Oh, you're going to use that old cliche ******** line on me, huh? Any giggled. Hey, listen, I got to go. We're getting busy, and we both know I could use the tips. Charlie cringed at the thought of how she earned most of those tips. His skin crawled at the thought of those middle aged men with nothing better to do on a weekday afternoon than gawk at his girlfriend one day, he would get her away from waitressing. Okay, I'm picking up Ryan from school, so we'll see you at home later. And yes, I'm going to vote. I can wait on you if you want me to. I guess that way I'll be allowed to complain. The sarcasm was thick. Love you, babe. Love you, too. Charlie hung up the phone and went back into the garage, glancing at the waiting room television as he walked past one woman in a toddler sitting on her lap. We're the only ones there. After stopping in the doorframe, he read the ticker at the bottom of the screen. Can you believe the new stories being reported on today? Everyone acting like if a certain candidate wins, it could mean the end of the world. Charlie, I'd the TV and watched Randy out of the corner of his eye. He was the only other mechanic on staff in his mid forties, close to Charlie's age. He was also the only co worker who had anything in common with Charlie. Charlie scoffed and poured a cup of coffee the media always has to blow things out of proportion. It's all about the ratings sipping. Charlie tasted the bitter flavor from coffee that had been sitting in the pot too long. And here we are, giving these stations the ratings they're wanting. Randy patted Charlie on the shoulder. You look like you may be given into the propaganda. Nah. Charlie shook his head and took one more sit before tossing the foam cup into the trash can. I'm gonna go finish the brakes on that Silverado, and then I'm gonna go pick my boy up from school. You might want to corral the youngsters and get them to clean something around here. Give them something to do before they get into trouble. You mean your ex is gonna let you see your kid? Charlie smirked and forced to laugh. ****, the media may be right. The end of the world is coming. Holy crap. The line is out the door. Anne rested her head on the passenger side window and closed her eyes. It's already 6 30. Whoever is in line before seven still gets to vote. Even if it goes past that time, Charlie parked the truck on the curb and glanced in the rear view mirror. Ryan was busy playing a game on his iPad. The device Charlie had begged his ex not to get him until he was older. When Ryan was seven, he'd played outside. Now it was next to impossible to get Ryan to do anything except play video games. Brian, we're here trying to put the iPad up. Ryan ignored him, his face illuminated by the screen and whatever game had his full attention. Glancing at Anne, Charlie gripped the steering wheel. He rarely got to see Ryan Onley about four days out of the month, and he desperately tried to avoid coming off. Is the bad guy, Brian, We're going in to vote. You can't take anything like that inside. I can stay in the truck. Mommy lets me stay in the car when she goes into the store. Sometimes at least his thumbs will be good and exercised, Charlie said under his breath, warranting a quick nudge from Anne, whose lips were turned up in a sly smile. Put it down. This won't take long, and then we'll go get something to eat. After a few more seconds of defiance, Ryan did as told, and they got in the line pouring out into the sidewalk in front of the city offices. A few people stood with signs displaying the names of their preferred candidate. Centers will suffer. Vote for Millstone. He'll get this country in order again. The woman holding a political sign for Millstone marched up and down the sidewalk next to the line, making eye contact with Charlie as she got closer, pointing her index finger, she yelled, You will suffer. Those who live together in sin will suffer. Charlie stood in front of Ryan and Annie, keeping one hand on his son as the woman took a few more steps in their direction. How in the **** did she know that he and Annie were living together? And how was it anyone's business? It was likely a coincidence. He opened his mouth to speak, but before he could, a cop came and diverted the woman's attention.