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This is a program for inventors to develop their businesses

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in new product development. It is important to make informed decisions at each stage in the process as you move your product or service toward market launch. A swat analysis is a brainstorming technique to help you formulate strategies to solve problems and mitigate risks. Swat stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. A swat analysis looks at your strengths and weaknesses which are internal factors you can control and opportunities and threats which are external factors that you don't control. Imagine you're developing a new virtual reality or VR headset for distance learning and want to formulate your market strategy. Using a swat analysis, you can explore how to use your strengths to compensate for your weaknesses and how to leverage opportunities to mitigate threats. The swat analysis looks at the intersections of all four quadrants. The strengths of your technology and development team can help address the threats posed by competing products. The weaknesses of an expensive headset need to be considered alongside the opportunities of higher demand for remote learning. The swat analysis can help you realize that you should not sell traditional VR headsets, but market an alternative design that combines your software with open source technology to create a cheaper product that gives you a real competitive advantage. Using the swat analysis tool helps you brainstorm and evaluate strategic options in new product development, especially in the early stages of developing your product or service and formulate strategies to meet your goals