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Voice Over • Audiobooks


Narration for a memoir, suspense thriller, and nonfiction books.

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English (North American)

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American


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my life had been transformed. My mother had perished. My childhood home still smoldered, and I was completely undone. Yet here they're quiet. House stood untouched. I resented it, feeling that the entire world should have changed, not just mine. The fire claimed the life of 50 year old Marlene Edwards. A mother of two from Farmington Hills. Police are calling it suspicious, joe glover reported suspicious. The word stopped my heart. Dad handed lisa credit card. I wanted to hide. Not go on a shopping spree. Go with your sister! He ordered. I hesitated. He watched me waver and pointed at me. Then at the door. Rebellion melted into resignation. I wouldn't defy him. His wrath was worse than gawking strangers. I think. I finally realized why I don't love you, she said. I knew she didn't, but I'd never heard her admit as much. You remind me of my mother. Gioia, cold and distant, and so, so smug. You were always so willful. Even from the beginning. You disobeyed, wouldn't eat like you were punishing me for being born. And now you come back! And all I can think of is why Marian and not her rage flattened immediately into a dark despair. I'm not so pleased to be left here. Anyway, mama, you're so hateful! I learned at your feet. My mother lunged, then grabbed me by both arms. Then she reached behind me and with one fingernail circled the spot on my back that had no scars. The only place you have left, she whispered at me someday. I'll carve my name. There She shook me once, released me, then left me on the stairs. Looking back on the late 70s and the 80s, you can see the times have changed today. People used to disguise themselves or use different names if they held high positions. It was like a crime to go to a *** bar to the extent that you would have different entrances to your bar. We came a long way because of strong support from friends and family people out there today. No, they are not alone. The perfect example is Michael Boy Han, the author of this book and a co author of the Marriage equality book, The People's Victory.