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biographies don't write themselves. They start with one step forward. One ounce of courage. One drink that drives the spirit of adventure, papa's pilar um is inspired by the great taste and great adventures of Ernest Hemingway smart agile, aerodynamic fast. Not typically when you think of when you think of a truck, but Silverado E. V. Isn't just a truck, it's a category defying boundary breaking game changer. Fiji water is a gift from nature to us to repay our gift of leaving it completely alone, bottled at the source untouched by man. It's earth's finest water. The joy of coffee. Now with beans ordered at a press of a button from a roaster, not so far away all to ensure that a kitchen without coffee beans is a thing of yesterday. Keep your day on track with coffee press. It's your time to be in the moment, moments of adventure and moments that bond moments that form the stories that are the memories of your life.