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Commercial Demo Reel. TV and Radio.

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Voice Over • Television Ad


Self-recorded at home and edited by VO Workshop NYC, seven ad reads ranging from warm/friendly to comedic to serious.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American


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it was Sophie's big day by the way, she's the next Mozart. As usual. We were behind schedule, but Sophie's enthusiasm could not be dampened, not even by a runaway donut. We powered through it in our Toyota Prius because the stars gotta shine. No matter what introducing fusion proglide rebuilt with flexible technology, it makes maximum contact over tricky contours and gets virtually every hair Gillette, the best a man can get. We all know that kid, the kid that can't sit still who touches everything in the store that won't set the table because they turn it into a spaceship, you know that kid, but that kid is also an inventor, a creator, a change maker and who wouldn't want that kid little bits making changemakers at U. S. Bank, we believe hard work works. And for everyone working toward a goal, we're here to help chocolates. Well these will go great with my chocolate allergy next time just send me money with cell then I could get the perfect gift. It would be the most thoughtful gift I ever got because I thought of it gift. Better send money with Cell