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This is a song that I wrote and recorded myself, I'm telling a story through a song. I hope it gives you an idea of what I can do.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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I was a kid, so I didn't know any better. I was so young. So it's hard for me to remember. All I remember is I was having a blast with them. Growing up with my friends, I was getting close to them. I thought they would always be there for me. I never thought I would see them leave before me, the left and went on the west side of the planet. I wasn't ready to say goodbye. Yeah, so I started to turn into a savage or a monster. Whatever I was at a young age, I became a bad kid and I would beat me. My mom would ignore me. No one really console me. I must have been a pain for my family. So I figured I don't deserve to have a family. And from the way to being treated me, I just wanted to leave and give up my lonely. I was too young to vote out my misery. I didn't know how to express my feelings to me like then have any meaning? It came to the point where it's just about surviving, knowing that anyone can disappoint you. At some point, I would have friends over to a certain level, it was hard for me to be close to anyone at all. I made sure that if they leave, you won't take it all on me. It's true that we can call from my life. But that was my way to not get hurt again. Even then I would still feel pain. So anyone who wants to get close to me beware because you might get hurt. My treat You like the, uh might leave you just so that I don't get hurt even when I actually want you a part of my life. It's not that hard to understand, right? It's okay if you don't understand. You ain't got a life. I just told you a part of my life. I don't expect you to relate, but if you do relate, I'm sorry you went through that. Me? There's always light after a dog night. It's gonna be okay because God is here on my side. I can only say that now because all my life I've been ignoring and running away from God. There's no one who really understand me except from God, but forget people live here, boys disappoints you people who let you down even if they don't want to. That's what makes us human for God. Never disappoint, man. You can just got to be there when you have no one. You can be sure that he loves you want on anyone? God, Thank you for loving me even in my worst. Thank you for listening to me even when I curse. Thank you for being with me even when I'm a mess. Thank you for caring for me even when I couldn't care less.