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Something About Elephants - English Language - Narration

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Using my regular speaking voice here, for comparison against my other demos.

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People have been telling legends of elephant memory and intelligence for thousands of years, and scientists have carefully catalogued astounding examples of elephant cleverness in the wild for many decades. In the past 10 years, however, researchers have realised that elephants are smarter than they thought. As few as eight years ago, there were almost no carefully controlled experiments showing that elephants could match chimpanzees and other brainiacs of the animal kingdom in tool use, self awareness, and tests of problem solving.
Because of recent experiments designed with the elephants perspective in mind, scientists now have solid evidence that elephants are just as brilliant as they are big. They are adept tool users and co-operative problem solvers. They are highly empathic, comforting one another when upset, and they may even have a sense of self.