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\"Ordeal in Space \"by Robert A. Heinlein

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The demo showcases my voice and the way of narrating a book. I have put my effort in this demo and willing to put more effort on the actual projects.

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Young Adult (18-35)


Central American (Costa Rican), North American


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
So this is my audio demo on a book or drill in space. My Robert A. Helen. Maybe we should never have venture out in space of a race hands but do basic innate fears, noise and the fear of falling those terrible heights. One should any man in his right mind let him be placed to it could fall and fall for But all spaceman are crazy. Everyone knows that the medicals had been very kind. He's supposed You are lucky. You want to remember the old fellow. He was still young and then retired. Pay relieves you all the worry about your future. She's got both arms, legs and I find shape. Friendship. His voice was unintentionally contemptuous. No, I mean it. The chief psychiatrist has persisted gently. The little quirk you have, does you no home at all, except that you can't go out of the space again. I can't honestly collect a phobia or neurosis. Feel falling is a noble or sane. You have just got it a little more strongly than most. But that is not a loan in view off what you have been true. They want to send him shaking again. He closed his eyes and saw the stars village below him again. He was falling, falling. And Leslie, the psychiatrist voice came back, threw him and put him back. Study woman, Look around you. Sorry. Not a dog not Tell me. What do you plan to to? I didn't know. Get a job. I suppose the company will give you a job, you know. So this was my devil. I hope you like it.