Cracked Sapphire - Fiction | Suspense



This demo is a reading of a YA thriller about a young girl getting into a mess she isn't prepared for. It showcases reading dialogue and expressing tone of the situation. With my extensive background in acting, I am able to seamlessly flip between characters and express emotions with ease.

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Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Teen (13-17)


North American (General)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
Saff, a sleepy voice asked, and her little sister lifted ahead from her pillow in the bed on the other side of the night stand. Just grabbing my quilt, she whispered. Go back to sleep, Emmy. Ah, you're always cold, her sister murmured, already rolling over and kicking her sheet down to the bottom of the bed. Too tired to argue, Sapphire spread the quilt over her bed and snuggled down into the mattress. She was glad that her parents couldn't afford a C for the whole house, or she would be too cold and never be able to sleep. In the summer, she was just drifting back to sleep when she heard footsteps and muffled voices in the hall. Sapphire didn't pay much attention. Besides her little sister, she had three older sisters as well as her parents, who all lived here. More often than not, someone was up in about doing something. Pulling the blankets up to her chin, she sighed contentedly. Then her head snapped up as the bedroom door was flung open, hard enough to send it crashing into the wall. Dad? Sapphire asked. She sat up, expecting to see her father standing there, probably in a rage after losing big playing poker, blackjack or whatever game he and his gambling buddies had been playing tonight. But it wasn't her father standing in the doorway. It was a man. No. Two men. There were two men storming into her bedroom.