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Young Adult Middle Aged Child Internet Television Commercial Promo
Schick Hydro Twin Style: Young Female Hipster Snob Upper class Generation X Generation Y Spokesperson Professional Narrator Flirty Straightforward Authentic Believable Sultry Calm Calming Mysterious Sophisticated Classy Radio Monotone Feminine Edgy Smooth Engaging Internet Young Female Aloof Youthful

Macy's: Young Adult Generation X Generation Y Girl next door Soccer mom Mother Spokesperson Professional Narrator Authentic Believable Retail Persuasive Radio Upbeat Enthusiastic Energetic Corporate Sincere Smiling Friendly Engaging

Trolls Poppy Coronation TV Spot: Child Trolls Teenager Kid next door Kid Narrator Spokesperson Professional Youthful Annoying Authentic Believable Bubbly Warm Fast paced Child-like Chipper Upbeat High energy High pitched Girly/girlish Enthusiastic Energetic Excited Sincere Smiling Perky Playful Engaging

Kaiser: Generation X Generation Y Girl next door Mother Motivational speaker Narrator Soccer mom Spokesperson Doctor Girl next door Soccer mom Mother Spokesperson Professional Informative Narrator Comforting Authentic Believable Nurturing Calm Calming Caring Thoughtful Warm Persuasive Radio Uplifting Trustworthy Upbeat Medical Enthusiastic Conversational Natural Commanding Confident Sincere Smiling Friendly Genuine Engaging Confident

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North American, US General American (GenAm), US West Coast (California, Portland)


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