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The eyes have it

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The eyes have it , a short story by Ruskin bond

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Indian (India)


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now is Happy. A short story by Ruskin born. I had attained compartment to myself after Rihanna Deanie girl guarding the couple who sort of were probably hard parents. This seems very a nexus about her comfort and the woman give the girls details instructions as to where to give her things. Why not to lend out of windows and how to ever speaking to strangers. They called their good boys. And train pulled out of the station as I was totally blind at that time my eyes sensitive only to light and darkness. I was unable to tell what the girls look like, but I knew see your sleepers from the ways he slaps against her hills. It would take me sometimes too discover some things about her looks and perhaps I never but I like the sound of her voice and even the sound of our sleepers. Are you going all the way to data? I asked. I must have been sitting in the dark corner because of my voice startled her. She gave a little exclamation and sit. I did not know anyone else was hurt. Well it often happens that people would would I say it fell to see what is right in front of them. They have to master taking I suppose. Whereas people who cannot see event to take in only the sincere whatever register more telling on their remaining things. I did not see you either, I say. But I heard you come in. I wondered if I would be able to prevent her from discovering that I was blind. Provided I give to my sick. I thought it should not be too difficult. The girl said I am getting off at sarin for my aunties. Meeting me there. Yeah. Then I had better not to go too familiar. I replied. Answer. Usually formidable prisoners. Where are you going, socks to data and then too muscly. Oh, you're lucky you were. I wish I were going to. I'm sorry. I loved the hills. Especially in october. Yes, this is the best time I see. Calling on my memories. Then hills are covered with while Delius and the Sons is delicious. And the night you can sit in front of the lock fire and drink a little brandy. Most of the tourists have gone and roads are quite almost raises. Yes, october is the best time. She was silent. I wondered if my work help touch yourself or whether she taught me romantic fool. Then I made a mistake. What is it like outside? I asked. She seemed to find nothing strange in this question. Help see notice already that I could not see. But her next question, I moved my doubts. Why do not you look out side of the windows, see arcs. I moved easily along with their breath and feel for the window's ledge. The windows was open and I fish it, making a presence of starting offs landscape. I heard the printing of engine, the rumble of wills and in mine eyes I could see telegraph poles flashing by. Have you noticed I ventures that that are trees seems to be moving while we seem to be Stanley. Still. That always happens cuz do you see any animals? No, I answered quite confidently. I knew that there was hardly any animals lived in the forest near data. I turned from the windows and faced the girl and for a while we sit in silence. You have an interesting face. I remember I was becoming quite daring but it was safe from a few girls can register flattery. See large, pleasantly. A clear ringing love. It is nice to be told. I have an interesting fish. I am tired of people telling me that I have a pretty fish. Oh, so do you have a pretty fish? Thought I, and allowed IAC's well an interesting first can also be pretty. He was a very grand in one woman. Young man, C. C. But why are you so serious? I thought then I would try to love for her. Burda thought of laughter only made me feel travel and lonely. We will soon be your session. I **** tank goodness! It is a sore journey. I cannot bear to sit in the train for more than two or three hours. Yet I was paper to sit there for almost any length of time just to listen to heart talking. Her voice was the sparkle, a mountain stream. As soon as he left the train she would forgot her brief encounter, but it would stay with me for the rest of the journey, and for some time a lady after the engine whistle struggles, the carriage will change their sound and read them the goal court off and begins to collect her things. I wonder if Seaworld heart pains in bond here in Bern, or if it was splendid. Perhaps it was hanging loose over her soldier, or was it scars? Very sore? The train draw slowly into frustration. Outside there was shouting up porters and vendors, and a high pinch woman from boys, knee under carries door, and a voice must have belonged to the girl, son. Goodbye girls! She was standing very close to me, so close that the perfume, formal hair was tantalizing. I wanted to raise my hand and touch her here, but see moved away. Only the Saint of for fume, steel slingers, where C had stood. There was some confusion in the doorway. Amen getting into the compartment streams, an apology in the door bank, and the world was sought out again. I returned to my bread. The guard blew his whistles, and we moved up. Once again I had a game to play, and a new fellow traveler. The train gathered speeds and whiles, no, and will stalk their songs. That carriage, bones, and soup. I found a windows and sit in front of it. Starting into the daylight that was darkness for me. So many things were happening outside of the windows. It could be fascinating. Game kissing heart went outside the deer. The man who had entered the compartment broke into my referred. You must be disappointed, since, he said, I am not nearly as attractive traveling companion, and as the one who just lived. She was an interesting girl. I said, can you tell me, did she give her hair long or so? I do not remember, he said, sounding positive it was hard to highest. I noticed not hard hair. I have C had beautiful ice, but they were not of use. C was completely bind. Did not even notice.