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Hide and Seek a children's book...

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Voice Over • Animation


Hide and Seek was a fun book to read to young children at bed time, it gives a lot of imagery and chances to be animated to give that effect of children playing. for me it was fun recording it and I hope you like it.

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Child (5-12)


North American


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hide and seek by T. Albert. A simple game of hide and seek leads the Children into an adventure of their lives. An exciting story that will have little readers turning the pages eager to know what happens next. James, his sister sally and Mark. They were B. F. F. S. And they were bored. They had played all day, but now that it was dark and difficult to see, they had nothing to do. They couldn't play soccer because they couldn't see the ball. They didn't want to go inside and play a game because it was a beautiful springtime night and they like being outside, especially having to play inside all winter long. They just didn't know what to do and it was a little too early for them to go home, I guess I'll go home. Mark said in a sad voice. Ah come on reply, James, we still have time for another game of something. Then sally said, I have an idea, Let's play hide and seek. I was just going to say that James said, Yeah, I'll bet, replied his sister. You always say you were thinking of whatever I thought of, she snapped. Do not jane said in a loud voice due to y'all sally. Mark looked down at the ground and shook his head from side to side. There they added again, he mumbled himself. Then he yelled, Okay, let's play hide and seek. I'll be the seeker. He turned and faced a big tree, closed his eyes and started counting out loud. 199 98 97. Sally and Mark stopped arguing, looked at each other, ran off in different directions to find a hiding place in a distance. They could still hear more, counting 4321, Ready or not. Here I come. Then he turned and began looking for places where they could be hiding.