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Three different kind of loves

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In our lifetime we will experience three different kinds of loves that will shape of existence, close your eyes and listen to my voice listen to my words allow it to engulf you and share it with your friends and family and decide which love you classify as.

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There's a saying that everyone fall in love with three different people during three stages of life and therefore experience three different loves. First love, the young puppy, innocent love that is bursting with the intensity and passion. You only see in movies, you likely experiences love at a younger age, it will probably be your first real relationship that everyone is excited about. You spend every minute together, any day spent apart, feels like torture and you're counting down the minutes until you are back together again. The relationship probably started as friends. You fell in love so hard and fast, your young brain didn't know how to process it. Your just enjoying the rush of excitement. It feels like you're in a fairy tale and you believe your fund your life partner. Second love, the heart of is the love that brings with it great pain in many forms, but it also brings valuable lessons. It is the one that teaches you the most about yourself. You probably met each other through a mutual friend or at a party. Things start slow because you needed it to you notice red flags now and then, but ignored it because you seem because they seem like a decent person, you're ready for something decent after the first love, they probably, they will probably be the love you move into it. It feels like the most committed and passionate relationship you've ever had. You feel like an adult and things are finally perfect now, Third love, the unexpected love that creeps up on you when you aren't looking to fall in love at this stage in your life, you're already comfortable in your own skin and you've built a wall to protect your little heart. This love will break that wall down it is the love that will keep knocking on your door. No matter how long you take to answer it, you find yourself drawn into this person, but not in in toxic, hidden way. It's more than less, it's more than just romance. You're attracted to how they carry themselves. The things they say, the life they have lived. You're captivated by how they make you feel about yourself. They see the beauty in your imperfection. There's no hiding or pretending to be someone else with them. You have no expectation of each other because you fit like a jigsaw puzzle you care about them more than they cared about your previous love. They compliment you in ways you never thought possible and you compliment them the same way. This is the love that breaks all the rules and any notions about how love should feel. This is the love that teaches you how to feel love again. This is the love that will teach you how to give love back. It will teach you compassion and appreciation of your life and surrounding it is the love, You will spend the rest of your life with