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Fun voice over for a video! This is an online ad being used predominately on Kickstarter

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English (North American)

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American


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A twin falls shower is a transformed shower, a shower transformed into something that you can truly shower together in without anyone left out in the cold and with a wand that can be moved and mounted anywhere. You have a customizable shower, you can quickly move it down to dog height so both hands are free to wash buddy. He's been known to try to jump out a little early and for your kids, it's perfect for shower training and then independence. A twin falls shower can give you an experience like the presidential suite, but in your home, which is why you should probably clean that up. But that's easy. The second wand and what's also easy is installation. Just extend our patent pending curved shower rod, feed the hose right through it, put them out anywhere you'd like and you're ready to go. There's no damage and no contractor needed. There's seven shower settings and virtually no loss in water pressure with any of them. You can configure a twin fall shower for many different needs. You can also just enjoy some time together back us today and transform your shower into a twin fall shower.