Scott Connolly - Commercial Demo

Television Ad


This sample features a variety of brands and industries for which I have provided a voice, specifically those targeting young adult or youthful millennial audiences. PSAs, tech, internet, and wireless, fast food, and others.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM) North American (US West Coast - California, Portland)


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this is the key that started the car that picked up your friends who went to the party, had lots of fun and took your keys to drive you home. So nobody got hurt. Do some thinking before the drinking brought to you by rad. Friends don't let friends drive drunk, do you? We started with a sensor that turned movement into magic. People are gonna love playing with this. We thought and they did. But then something else happened. People didn't just play, They began to imagine things new things helpful things amazing. So now when people ask us what's next for connect, we ask them the same thing introducing the all new sidekick, lX now thinner than ever. T mobile stick together. Everyone wants in on Taco Bell's new 99 cent volcano burrito, seasoned beef and fiery lava sauce all for just 99 cents. It's a hot deal at a cool price. Only at Taco Bell. Why pay more every morning through april 13th Mcdonald's is giving away small hot Mc cafe coffee during breakfast hours for free, come in and try and make cafe coffee on them with your favorite breakfast sandwich. My dad loves coaching little league. It's always been his passion. He always coached me and now he's coaching my kids last season. Uh, he underwent cardiac surgery. I wasn't sure he'd ever get back to coaching, but then again he knows a thing or two about how to rally. He chose the right rehabilitation program and he took it one step at a time this season is about to start and I'm sure everyone is looking forward to getting coach back. That will definitely be a special moment for us all. You wouldn't put up with it from your gym. So why take it from your airline Virgins loyalty program offers benefits that you actually want. Virgin break free, introducing the HP blade system C class with thermal logic, virtual connected inside control powered by dual core Xeon processors. Now you can contain the chaos and sit I. T. Free to drive your business with T Mobile. My father's call your five favorite people all you want, talk for as long as you want and that's to any number even landlines plus get enough whenever minutes for everyone else plans started. Just 39 99 T Mobile. Stick together the sugar free cookies that everyone can enjoy.