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Despite being new to the whole voice acting gig
I managed to compile a 3 minute recording to showcase what accents I can put
to please my potential client.

Vocal Characteristics


English (British)

Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


British, North American, Russian


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this recording is way over due, however, I will still be keeping it in an unprofessional manner as it serves the purpose of getting me more used to working with a microphone. The first accent I managed to put pra que of my years of speaking was the British accent, having taught as a child back at schools acquisition of certain special key words. Some slang was no too difficult, which made my English almost indistinguishable for many even native speakers, and I'm not even starting to talk about them foreign Issa's well, however, the British accent is not the only one I can pull of. It only makes it one of four others, which I am gladly willing to demonstrate on this recording. The second one I feel most comfortable with off course is big weather Russki English version hurling from an ex Soviet country. It is almost natural for one toe. Assume that I am, in fact a Russian speaker, which is through I've been speaking Russian ever since I was three years old. Which is why I also happen to know some intricacies behind it, which helps me compose a bit more believable. Russian English mixtures off course. Ofcourse, nothing is perfect, but I believe that if you want me to be a very bad debt, CA I can more, more or less feed into the role. That very bed Decca Common in Number Third and the list is, of course, the North American accent. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of this because, for example, when the British accent is a bit more free, Malakal liberated American accent seems to be a bit more constrained dry. It's as if you are sitting in a closed space, a room that has limited, However I have to ignore it. It's incredible importance, which is why I am maximally trying to make it sound as authentic as humanly possible. Now I don't feed myself the illusions of this being a perfect representation of what I am capable of. However, I know it is rough around the edges, and I am practising it actively so that I can make it sound as authentic as humanly possible. Common in a number. Fourth is what I believe to be the most. Under a faint and newer additions to the family. Off my speeches is off course. You might have guessed the Scottish accent, it is called rough around the edges would be insulted the rough around the edges as it sounds a bit very cheesy, a bit forced and unprofessional, which I will absolutely agree to that. However, I definitely am willing to give this one a short and practise a little cause. I'm absolutely loving this very weird Scottish talk. All this actually got me thinking once. What is a language exactly or more precisely, what is the accent? What is the role of the accent in one's talk? And it kind of dawned upon May on Accent is, in a very strange sense, a song off a language no to the similar to, for example, song sang by specific artists. Even when we're talking about the single or song, the verses inside our sang a little differently. If the text is actually identical, this is what I'm talking about. That every accent by itself is a song of a language, and if you know a language well enough, if you have a capacity to understand or ethnicity pronunciation, I seriously don't you won't be able to learn your way around every language, every pronunciation, every accent and master them to the very perfection. At least that is the hopeful note that I'm leading my life phone and I'm proud of it.