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EXOS: A Sci-Fi Audio Epic

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Voice Over • Movie Trailers


In this sample, I am the narrator introducing the exposition of the audio play, set in the future in a world where humanity has been enslaved by machines. The tone of the story is urgent, desperate, and uncertain.

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Canadian, North American


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No. 24 50, the human race is on the brink of extinction. The planet, Earth, as our ancestors knew it is no more. A new power has taken over A worldwide network of high tech machines. 52 years ago, after the Great War was lost, humanity was seamlessly integrated into the system, exhaust, implanted microchips into the brains of each and every human being to control their actions, thoughts and feelings, free will and individual personalities no longer exist. Only very few have managed to escape. We are their Children, the last humans without shifts, the last freedom fighters of our race. We must find a new planet and build a colony there. That is our last hope, the only chance for a species to survive.