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Video-games Demo (UK, USA, ITA, RUS) - Quirky, Edgy, Aggress., Dreamy



A varied mixture of characters such as the Asylum prisoner, the Nymph, the Russian thug, the Italian passerby or the Robot (AI Intelligence).

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Teen (13-17)


British (General) , Italian (American) , North American (General)


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They can see it, they can see their eyes through the wall. They're a wonder. Excuse me? Kind sir. I've been walking for hours. Would you be able to tell me where the station is however far you'll go find a right to know that I'll always be here breathing through the power of this ancient oak. I'm sorry, father. I didn't think they would take the key. Please forgive me. Time to get on your knees and say your last prayer fad emir. You've been messing with us for too long and it's time to say goodbye. Now. I want it. Are you ready to die? You think we are not capable of feeling grief, but you are wrong. They inject us with grief on our very first day of life.