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The sample is a short dialog between a podcast host and a world affairs specialist.

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welcome to another episode ofthe the late I cast. I'm your host, Tim Blake. Tonight we're going to be delighting your attention with the insight of our very own expert in current wall affairs. Mr Charles Winston Charles, Thank you for having me here tonight. Him that we could Charles, please listen on your opinions during this crisis, considering the recent events of wrecks, it absolutely. My dear chap, as the spirit of our fine nation is ever so vigilant, we constantly strive for perfection even in these trying times. And they've been fighting tooth and nail to keep at bay the ever encroaching threat of a national collapse about social on financial proportions. Can you please give us some examples of the measures that are being taken? Of course. And for starters, our medical staff has been continuously ageing, are poor and infirm, miss playing acts. I would put a term heroism to shame. We can only hope that their valiant efforts will not go to waste as our society recovers from this worldwide medical catastrophe.