Sharinna voices the character of \"Liza R.\" a Puerto-Rican Volleyball player and writer. Liza shares with Molly a scarring middle school experience she had.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Teen (13-17)


North American (General) Spanish (Puerto Rican)


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This is honorable dress code. It read for you, by Cassandra Morris with Serena Allen for the unlikely rule breakers. Today I welcome Liza. Are she once wrote a 10 page epic poem about Puerto Rico. What was the title? Isar, Isla Green and Blue. What has been your experience? I had to bring my journal for this one. Listeners. Liza has opened her journal to the back page. I started writing it down after that first day of school thing that happened. I stopped wearing the shorts you and I bought together. But no matter what I wore, Fingertip found something wrong. My bra strap was showing. My shirt wasn't long enough. My pants were too tight. My shirt was too low. Her favor hobby is looking me up and down and finding something wrong with me. No joke. How does that make you feel? One time I had a spider in my bathroom sink. I got my brother's magnifying glass and followed the spider all over the place. It was fascinating. Eventually my mom came in and squished it with the magnifying glass, and I felt really bad for it. How does it make me feel? It makes me feel like that. Spider. Well, how, Liza? Yeah. How did things change when they decided to bribe us with the camping trip this year? My mom had to go to Target and spent an entire paycheck on ugly clothes. Two sizes too big for me. Like what I'm wearing right now. And that's not your best look, right? I know. Liza, Would you like to violate the dress code with me? Yes, that would be delightful.