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magical, evil, helpful, game demo. I wrote the scripts and voiced

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American


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who will prevail in the dark Who is brave enough to go to the section of the Earth were only those with the death wish. Dare to travel Onley One group the command Will they succeed? Will they stop the dark ones from taking over? And will you join them? Welcome, weary travelers! How wonderful to have you here in my magical forest. How can I be of aid in your quest today? What do you think you were doing? How dare you try to stop me on Lee? I know where the Blue Stone Key is hidden. You are now going to see what happens to those who get in my way. Ha ha ha! Starship Revelation. This is Commander Pierce of the league. And I'm hoping you're open for business because I'm coming in hot. My ship has major damage and we're losing atmosphere. No time to explain. Just open the doors and let me in. Do you to help us here in Mystic Sands you must find and befriend the White Dragon. Then find the key toe open the old secret door. Our need for your help is great. God! Speed