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American English Commercial Corporate Range Demo

Voice Over • Online Ad


A series of advertisements from various different industries, all highlighting a range of emotions and inflexions. Ranges from single dad, to guy-next-door, to gritty workman, with each being a faithful and realistic performance!

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American


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things aren't looking good. You just finished the tail end of a bad shift and your usual stress relieving video game is having the opposite effect after another unfortunate setback. Let's face it, you're tired. What you need is to get yourself back in the game. What you need is Aries with Aries energies, unique blend of caraway seeds, jimson route and partridge berry. You'll be back in just one sip. Aries energy getting you back in the game. Welcome to star writer. A new flagship space offering from christian Spar studios boasting over 1100 planets to explore. Each with their own unique bios and backstories choose your path among the stars. Will you help to forge a new frontier for the people of the alliance or join the dreaded coalition in their bid to undermine them playing native four K 60 FPs with dedicated frame rate locking with each copy pre order to receive the unique bonus ship, the Edison and start your journey in style. Whenever you start a new day, you make a choice. Today is either going to be the day or it's just going to be another day. So make today the day with the all new de soto moose coming standard with autonomous parking for those days when you just can't be bothered and a five star crash safety test rating for those days when the other guy can't be bothered. So whenever you're ready for today to be the day, visit your local de Soto dealer to start the next chapter of your story with the 2023 moose. It is 6:15 p. m. on Monday I just got out of rush hour and my kids each want something different for dinner. I have the ingredients well, most of the ingredients. But to be honest, I just don't have the energy to cook all this at the end of my day. That's why I love shopping at supermarket. Not only do they offer the freshest selection of produce and perishables, they already made entrees are made fresh daily by their in house. Chef. Dinner has never been easier and my kids have never been happier.