I speak French, Russian, and some German. Acting experience.

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Narration demo was prepared by SuchAVoice from scripts written for me based on my profile. Selections reflect my taste, my sense of humor, my styles.

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few places capture the magic of New England better than Green Mountain National Forest spanning southwestern and central Vermont. The forest contains an abundance of natural wonders from rolling mountains, too thick wilderness, placid lakes and bubbling streams and then there's the wildlife, both varied and majestic. Jazz is difficult to pin down. It's a combination of several musical traditions using the instrumentation of western europe, the improvisational structure of african american folk music and the soulful disposition of blues. And it's continually evolving. Mel brooks didn't just make comedies. He made iconic comedies. His film credits are a laundry list of the funniest movies ever, from the producers to blazing saddles, young Frankenstein and spaceballs and his tv resume ain't too shabby either. Writing gets smart and sid caesar's your show of shows, Both classics in the fight against climate change. There are certain tipping points beyond which there will be no going back. For instance, the Greenland ice sheet has lost close to four trillion tons of ice in the last 30 years, but at a certain point it will become so destabilized that it will be impossible to reverse the damage. The question is, where exactly is that tipping point? Right