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Commercial sales

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Voice Over • Video Narration


Water product advert.

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British, England - Received Pronunciation (RP, BBC)


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you drink it, you bathe in it. You cook with it, you even give it to your Children. But how do you know exactly what's in your tap water? Bright line. Akwa will analyse your domestic water in minute detail. We test for excessive hardness, chlorine, iron, lead, sulphur or other contaminants, which could impact on your family's health. Imagine muffled water quality every time you turn on the tap, crystal clear and with a purity you never thought possible. Book of free water Test now and we will show you how we can bring you clean soft water direct into your home With low cost finance available. It's an affordable solution now. Legendary TwentyFourSeven Backup service gives you complete peace of mind. Be kinder to your skin, hair and body with bright line AC was unique water management system. Call us now we'll go to our website. A water consultant will be happy to book a test of your home's water. Your family is precious. Don't put their health at risk with poor quality water. Bright line. Akwa quality to the very last drop X