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Time to Turn Off the Heating - Commercial

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Voice Over • Television Ad


This was a student film for a commercial competition on lowering your carbon footprint and energy bills. I play a dead talking plant!

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Hey, what do you think you're doing down here? Is it really cold enough to be turning the heating on? Why are you listening to her? Who died and left a talking plant in charge? Well, the Amazon is actually dying. So name one other way. You can get warm, then I can name 10. You could start by putting on a jumper, getting your blood pumping, snuggle up with some loved ones or a friend. Add some more jumpers, embrace the coldness within or just let it go. But the code is bothering me. Then have some hot cocoa by the fire. Add some more jumpers. Keeping your central heating off until the autumn equinox will help save the planet and lower your carbon footprint.