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Shirley Norman

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Voice Over • Animation

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North American


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why that is my plan. Precisely. The ones Almighty King will finally fall. And you, my dear, will rule them all dialing 1 800. Collect instead of zero. Saves the people you call up to 44% calling home. Save yourself money. 1 800 collect dialect Today. They're getting rid of me. I don't wanna leave. I love home. And I thought she loved me. Damn it, Jethro. Keep your eyes on the road. I'm your stress. Cigarette screaming kids, angry bosses, leaky faucets. I make all of that fade away for three or four minutes. I didn't buy anything. I'm selling Christmas trees with the power of my dynamic self confidence. Don't you just love sneezy The way his nose wriggles when he's about to sneeze? Ah, he had me at cut you