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audiobooks help listen to the story they bring it to life, adding nuance to every word and personality to every character. They develop a special relationship with the listener, making every audiobook they perform a transporting experience.

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Young Adult (18-35)


British, Pakistani


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40 Rules of Love. Ella Northampton, May 17, 2000 and eight Birds were singing outside her kitchen window and did balmy day in the spring. Afterward, Ella replayed the scene in her mind so many times that rather than a fragment from the past, it felt like an ongoing movement still happening somewhere out there in the universe. There they were, sitting around the table having a late family lunch. On a Saturday afternoon, her husband was filling his plate with fried chicken legs, his favourite food. Evie was playing his knife and fork like a drumstick, while his twin, Orly, was trying to calculate how many bytes of which food she could eat so as not to ruin her diet of 6 50 calories a day. Jenny, who was a freshman at Mount Holyoke College nearby, seem lost in her thoughts as she spread cream cheese on another slice of bread. Also at the table said Auntie as her, who had stopped by to drop off one of the famous marble cake and then stayed on for lunch. L. A had a lot of work to do afterwards, but she was not ready to leave the table just Yet lately they didn't have to. Many shared family meals, and she saw this. This is as a golden chance for everyone to reconnect, asked her. Did Allah gives you the good news? David US? Certainly. She found a great job to L. A. Had graduated with a degree in English literature and loved fiction. She hadn't done much in the field after college, other than editing small piece of women magazines, editing a few books, clubs and occasionally writing books reviews for some local papers. That's what all there was, a time when she aspired to become a prominent book critic. But then she simply accepted the fact that life had carried her elsewhere, turning her into an entry, industrious housewife with three kids and endless domestic responsibilities. Not that she complained. Being the mother, the wife, the dog Walker and the housekeeper kept her busy enough. She didn't have to be a bread winner. On top of all these. So none of her feminist friends from Smith College a proof of her choice. She was satisfied to be a stay at home mom and grateful Darkie and her husband could afford it. Besides, she had never abandoned her passion for books and still considered herself a very cautious reader. A few years ago, things had begins to change. The Children were growing up, and they made it clear that they didn't need to be need her as such as they once had, Realising that she had too much time to spare and no one to spend it with, Allah had considered how it might be a how it might be to find a job David had encouraged her. But to they kept talking and talking about it. She really pursued the opportunity that came her way and when she did a potential employer. We're always looking for someone younger or more experience. Afraid of being rejected over and over, she had simply let the subject drop.