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Been a DJ for over 18 years, worked as a voice actor for Charter Media ( now Spectrum). Do a lot of community theatre and cast as leads. Also do a wedding Podcast.

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coming at you from that purple room next to the alley. This is wedding swat, swat. Standing for special weddings, awesome talents. I am one of the many hosts of this show now because we've got three of us. Mr Dave Galinsky and always alongside me is mr Dalton. Oko modo. Hello. You know, we don't really have an intro for Amanda but I feel that's a lot of buttons to push that. Yeah, I was just gonna say I kind of want a song too so maybe we could play something about how much Green Bay sucks. Mm bummer. No, it's okay. I don't need one. I'd rather not Fine be that way. That's okay. Hey Amanda. Hey you guys the United States just call us the United States. United States Geico maybe it's the government. Oh. Mhm. They're watching us. Hey Dalton. We were at a bridal fair this weekend. Amanda did not, she didn't come because she doesn't, she doesn't like bridal fairs only because I don't like balloons popping people, dogs, cats living together, mass hysteria. Me. You know what? Um We did pretty good. It was it was actually pretty good bridal fair. I was impressed by how many people were there because of all the stuff that's going around. Uh Kick the snot out of last year's numbers. That's for sure. So, but I was just looking at this. They gave us these little pamphlet things at the end. There um There was quite a few vendors there. Yeah, I was. I was I was surprised here we got travel people. The choco fountain is always there. That complete weddings and events group. They're always fun. They were there um there was some symphonies, there was a harpist. Uh there was some decoration people, there was a lady named uh and I believe. Where is she at? Yes. And I met her for the first time. Pink zebra. Yes, she made the entire reception area just smell really, really good. And um I don't know exactly, I'm trying to get her on the podcast and I called her um and if you're listening, which you probably aren't because you probably don't exist. Um I'm trying to get you to come to our podcast because you have a different thing, but it's its sense. It's it's it's, I don't know what it is and I want her to explain it because I thought it was candy at first. That's what it looks like. That's what it looks like. It looks like you you've got dishes and you put this the, it turned out to be waxed, but it looks like a little melted candies. You can make your own little candies. But no, it's sense and you can make your own candles and it looks really, really cool. Um but she's in the account of Waco Nebraska, so we'll probably do that over the phone lines. We do have the technology to do that. Uh There was a character there uh roses for you. Is there Sam's club was there. I don't right next to us. Yeah, so Sam's Sam's does that? Senior citizens inc I'm not sure what they do, but maybe we can call them to something. Blue talked to her. Cora, she was a nice lady. Uh Museum was there brought a collection. Was their quality events rentals was I mean there was there was a lot of people that were there. We were the only DJ company there um the only photo company there. Uh one of the photo booth and there was one other video company Besides us. But that, yeah, that took place in Donovan. Just just this last Sunday, we do have another one coming up in Hastings, Nebraska, Adams County fairgrounds on 22 January, that is a Saturday. These are usually held on Sundays. They moved into a saturday to see if that isn't helped with attendance. I don't know if it would or not. I don't know these these bridal fairs have been traditionally on Sundays for forever. I mean, even when the big one here, when nrg did theirs at a uh Buffalo County fairgrounds 90 million years ago, when we were still doing them there. Uh there was on on a sunday too and it just makes more sense every sunday, but you know, times change, People change, who knows? But yeah, coming up at Adams County fairgrounds january 22nd again, that is a saturday. I believe it is 12 30 to 4. 12 30 to 3. I don't have the exact times in front of me. But we will be there a bunch of other vendors will be there probably see some of the same vendors um, being this one was on Donovan. So we will see what's going on there. But if you need to plan your wedding of great places to start is right there, we can give us a call. We do a lot of services and even the services that we don't do, we can point you in the right direction. We got a lot of vendors we love working with. Um, and they do a really, really, really good job. So what do we talk about this week? We didn't have one last week. We were really, really, really busy. So we didn't get into doing last week. But this week, Amanda kind of put this bug in my ear Children. She wants to have Children And I told her I'm a married man. I can only do so much however dalton. No baby daddy, baby daddy. So, um, you know, weddings have people, people, people bring Children. But what if you don't want Children at your wedding, Some people don't. I know, and I'm not saying this wrong. I'm not saying it's right. I'm not, I'm just saying some people don't want that. But how do you tell your best friend or anybody in your wedding party or your sister or your brother, like, nope, nope. My niece and nephew are not coming. They're not invited. So we're gonna kind of go over some dudes and dolls and having an adults only wedding reception, you said you had a story. So let's start with that. Let's open up with that. Yeah, I um, just had a little bit and this isn't my personal story. This is just one that I had found. Um, but it's the last wedding I was at had parents bringing infants that screamed and cried through the entire event. Kids under six running around knocking things over while screaming during the vows dinner before knocking the wedding cake on the ground before it was, yeah, that's an expensive mistake and that was, I saw that kind of multiple times where the kids are just running around, pulling on, pulling on the, um, I was deejaying at the leader currents once again, this is years ago I, and you have to have you up on that stage and I, I left the DJ booth area to go to the bathroom when I came back. There was two little kids sitting underneath my table tracing my chords and finding out where they were going and I lost it because that's really, really dangerous. Um, so yeah, I don't know why. Um, as a parent, I make sure I know where my child at that age anyway was at, at all times now they're now they're older now they're the teenagers and so I, I still keep an eye on them, but I don't really, you know, as much as I did when they were 45678 years old running around, you know, being kids. And that's that's the thing too, is kids are gonna be kids, it doesn't matter how good they are, how bad they are, it's it's it's they're gonna be kids. Uh but yeah, just from a vendor's perspective, mom and dad kind of keep an eye on your kids. And for the most part, I think that happens around here, but I've been to weddings to where, oh my God, well from a photo booth perspective, you'll have the kids that come and it'll be just like a 17 year old girl who comes and does the photo booth like eight times and pushes pushes 10 copies every time and you don't see her with a parent the entire night because she is just by your side and she's not, not like she's doing anything like wrong or being naughty, but you know, she's doing that, she wants to use the photo booth, she sees people doing that. So I think she didn't realize that that actually print out pictures that they're, they're good kids that can be nice and right, right, so basically how do you tell your friends Or even family? So I actually have a good one. when you're addressing your envelopes, your invitations, um a wedding planner, uh just have a last name. Becker says, the traditional way to indicate whether a child is invited is to include his or her name in the invitation and then after you send out the invitation, call your guests and let them know that it is not a child friendly way. So instead of saying like blank and blank and family you, Yeah, instead of, instead of Blinken Blinken family, you would just name the yo like just the parents, the parents and what people didn't remember it. Ultimately, it's it's it's it's up to the bride and groom, right? It's their day. If they want a child free celebration, let them have it. They didn't have to invite you. They didn't have to invite you. You don't have to go either. Um and if it's a if it's a scenario where you know what I'm that's I don't just, I disagree with that, I'm not bringing, I can't bring my kids and I'm not coming Send him a card at least, you know, don't be, be the bigger person and don't, don't cause drama over because uh you know, if they want a child to free celebration, they're they're they're welcome to do that and tons of couples do. I've seen a lot of those in the past couple of years or at least to the point where um they're not bringing Children under the age of 16 or the Children at the age of 18 because it is kind of distracting during the ceremony. Um and if you come to bring them to the reception, it also means most of the time. You have to leave earlier too. And maybe you're not ready to go, but your parent, a parent comes first. So you got to do that. So that being said, anyone planning an adult wedding uh tends to run into a few sticky situations. I think it's sticky issues. And so um kind of a dalton said the awarding of the invitation I think is huge on all this. So guess who won't just get the message? So the best advice I would think is be honest, and just put it out there from the very, very beginning, but do do properly and carefully address your invitations. I think that's a great one. You need to make it clear from the beginning. This is an adult only wedding. Now, you need to address each invitation exactly to those who are invited. So just like what you said, mr and mrs this not mr and mrs this and family, if it's just mr mrs or john smith and Rebecca doe, I don't know, remember Rebecca, she's a nice lady. Uh but that kind of tells me that, hey, the whole family is not invited. I don't want to say not welcome because that's not really true to a point. Um but you can go the extra mile and write the exact name on the invitations um on and on the response cards. And right now I'm seeing a decline in wedding invitations, just a couple of past wedding invitations that we've had from people here getting married back in back in the day before we had electricity when I was young, they would put, yeah, you put an invitation up on the, on the bulletin board in the break room and that says everybody's invited. I'm not seeing that anymore. It's all done through facebook, it's all done electronically. How you track that. I don't know, I'm guessing there's websites out there that do that for you or or apps that do that for you. But you need to make sure that if someone sends an invitation to you specifically specifically, if it's a child free celebration, you need to put on there that um I will attend or I will not attend that way. It'll be clear that you understand that Mr and mrs john smith are invited, but hey, your kids are not or mr and mrs john smith and family are invited. Um so you know, if you do electronic invitations that make sure there's a loud, there's a drop down or something or a box, you can check for that um that you're gonna be bringing your kids or something because that's just that's more mouths to feed, which I'm sure is fine with most people, especially here in the midwest, but like I said, you know, some of these fancier holes in the area, They may not want a whole bunch of kids. So, but um just going off of a website here that I found on the knot dot com, which is a huge wedding wedding website. one of their tips is do not print adults only on the invitation. And the reason why they said that is because even though that's the best, the best and fastest way to do that, that ruffles a lot of feathers. That's just coming off kind of rude. Oh yeah, yeah. But you shouldn't feel guilty about keeping your wedding kid free. But again, the right way to do it. There's a way to do it by putting adults only on there. Number one that could give somebody the wrong impression in more than one way. Um, and also it could really make friends and family upset with you if you put it that way because I just kind of, you know, putting a stamp on your forward boom, you know, scarlet letter right there. Do you think that there's a specific age? But when they say when they say like childfree only, is it like 12 and under 16 and under, is it appropriate to have an age gap And this website that I'm looking at says yes and that just kind of depends on what the bride and groom are wanting. I would say that um, you know, if you're, If you're an older couple, if you're in your late 50's early. So I'm not saying that's old, but it's, it's my wedding standards. That's old. I would say that it's probably going to be okay because most of people you're going to invite have older kids. Now, the median age you're getting married right now in the United States is 20-35, that's the median age of kids. A lot of your friends are going to have kids under the age of eight, most likely. Um and this is kind of gone away, but you know, even five years ago, there was a lot of brides and grooms who had kids before they got married. Um that reminds me of one of the other stories that I read because another point that I saw was being consistent with all of your guests. So this, this was a story where the bride and groom had a one year old daughter and they had a babysitter watch her throughout the whole day, um basically just watching her so she could be in the pictures and not be a part of like not being the way, um but she wasn't in the ceremony at all. The babysitter had her out and then went home. She wasn't at the ceremony at the perception, um, but the groom's sister and brother in law brought their three and five year old and they were climbing on the bride and groom during the ceremony and the parents didn't do anything and the girl, the girl writing the post was like, I didn't know what parents, I couldn't go up there and just grab those kids, right? And maybe, I don't know, I'm not, I don't care, I will I will discipline someone else's child. I'm saying I'm not going to physically do anything to them, but I will let them know that it is appropriate. You need to stop um and if they're small enough, I'll pick them up and put them in a different area, They're standing in the middle of the well and that's going to take off the bride bride, just going to take off, the photographer is gonna take off the videographer And you're going to have that kid in all of your photos and all of your videos now right there at least at that point and the person officiating the wedding, he's trying to, whoever it is, very distracting, I want to do something, these kids are just trying to climb. But one of the cool things that I that I saw for the first time is brick 1887 and Hastings um gorgeous building. If you're looking for a venue in Hastings call Tracy Bell, she does a great job, she's got a great building, three story building. Um there the bottom two levels you can rent out the third one, she actually lives in where's her residences. So, she's like, yeah, she's like an on site manager at all times. Um and her family were on the third floor, but on the majority of the time, what she has is that the brides and the bridesmaids and groom's groomsmen can go up to the second floor and get ready. There's actually a bridal suite there for bridesmaids and groomsmen. Okay so you have your ceremony or even just your reception downstairs and you can rent out that second floor, find yourself a babysitter and anybody who's under the age of 16 can go upstairs. There is a bar up there so they can drink obviously kid friendly beverages. Um There's TVs in the room so they can watch movies, there's another room and they go to play games and so if you I want to do it that way I I'm a firm believer in that because mom and dad know that their kids are upstairs. The only way they can get down is through the stairs and you just have someone else standing there at the stairs making sure that nobody gets away. Um The elevator um things like that, I just can't even activate the elevator without, without Tracy knowing or having the code to do that. So it's a pretty secure area actually. They could just like have a babysitter or maybe two people. Yeah two or three people up there make mock tails for the kids that are old enough or just have pops and juices and stuff up there that would be so fun for them. Wouldn't adults having fun downstairs, having fun upstairs right and I if I was an adult I'm gonna go upstairs I do not want to see you until I go up and get you right, you know? Um And you could even go as far as um a lot of the other things where um you know, you could have the uh the parents have a number and that attaches to a kid up there. Not that I think we're that way in west, but for those of you who are in the midwest, that that may be an issue. That's a great way to do it, you know, or have clothes pins with numbers on them and where mom and dad keeps it close pin on him and the other kid walks around with it on there. So they don't take over the wrong kid. But another thing that I do want to mention on this is make sure that if you put it, if you're doing it, because I'm going back a little bit here. If you put it on your invitations, make sure that you put that on your wedding website as well. Wedding website still is not a huge thing in our area. They are big on the east and west coast. However, if you do have a wedding website, make sure that you do mention on your wedding website, that is the place to share that important information. Um and and that website is not just talking about you about the couple, but it's also to tell the basics um the rules and stuff that that that you're setting for your own reception? Um So you're supposed to put it on the invites, but you're also supposed to put it on your wedding website somewhere. Um And that also uh you know, kinda gets that at that point across there. And also if you're doing a a paper invitation, uh you might also want to put something specifically in there that's not on the invitation, put it on invitation a little bit. Something else in there. Just slip a note in there about keeping it too. You know, it's just gonna be adult bash. Uh you know, find someplace for your kid or like I said earlier that the warm welcome on the second floor, they can go ahead and go up there and have kid friendly your games, those types of things. Find that babysitter is always an option as well. And I don't know as a guy who's got kids, if my kid didn't want to go to a wedding, I'd find a babysitter at home, that's fine. I'm not going to drag you to this now. If it was family, it would be different. But if it was just a friend, I'm not gonna drag him to it, I'm just not. Um of course all my family and friends live all over the United States, so we don't go to many weddings that are not unfortunately uh family. So, but this brings up a good point if you're not allowing Children at your reception? Do you have a flower girl and ring bearer at your service? Okay, but what do you do with those kids then? Take him home after? Yeah, you could always do that. Like have them just be there for the ceremony and not there for the reception or that's the tricky part though. How do you say, hey, I want your kid to be in the wedding, but they're not allowed on my reception, whose, whose kids are? Well, usually usually it's a, it's a niece or a nephew or I guess maybe it's a bridesmaid or groomsman child that they know, I'm assuming if people are saying that they're not that they're having a child free wedding, that they're not having a ring bearer or a flower girl. Most of the stories that I saw is that they weren't having one. They have like the ring man or maybe I don't, I don't, Yeah, you see those videos with Fannie Pack and he's like throwing something really, really, really good ones out there. Um, you could always just have them I guess maybe if you're having a cocktail hour to reception. Well, I remember, I remember going to a wedding as a kid where we were, I don't even remember the ceremony part, but we were there for just maybe an hour and a half of the reception, We ate the food, we danced a little and then we had this really big, um, one of the big stretch Hummer limos and someone took all the kids home. I don't remember who watched us. But someone, someone took, but that's what, that's what it was like, that babysitter thing. But someone took us home. I don't live here, you do now kid. But we were able to have like a little bit of fun at the dinner dance, a little with the music and to see people and then we went home after like an hour and a half. I forgot what it was called, the dairy barn in Bennington Nebraska. And the only time I've ever been there, I was deejaying a friend's wedding. They have a kind of a loft area to at this barn and he, I don't know where he got him, where he rented them, but he kind of did that word. The adults were downstairs, the kids were upstairs, the kids could see what was going on downstairs. The kids can hear the music so they're kind of still part of it. But he had all these crafts and all these games they could play and then for supper they could make their own pizza and bake it there and he got these ovens. I don't know where he got them. I have no clue where he found them. But they there there was obviously there was adults up there with him and then you can make their own, they can make their own pizza. Uh we are next to an alley. So every now and then for those of you watching at home, you saw that huge truck just scared the crap out of all of us. Um But yeah, you can you can make a pizza is there. Um And then the next day they did breakfast pizzas and you can make your own breakfast pizza for people coming back to opening gifts. I did, I did do a wedding where they had a food menu specifically for the kids like mac and cheese and chicken nuggets. Like it was like it was in the same food line. I mean everyone took some but they were like they had goldfish too. So it was like you could get the kid friendly food instead of like the whatever fancier like stuff that they pulled pork or the prime rib or the brisket. Oh my God, I'm getting hungry. Uh Anyway, again, another thing too is do not make it a mostly adult reception because that puts the wrong message out there and that kind of piggybacks off what we just said, you're gonna have a ring bearer, are you going to have a flower girl? And if you do, what are you gonna do with them? Um And I don't know, I guess two kids wouldn't be too much of an issue, but I think most people understand, hey, well the reason why they're here is because they were in the wedding technically they're kind of part of the wedding party, but don't make it an adult's mostly reception. Um because you don't want to bend the rules for some people and not bend them for others. So you know, letting, letting, letting the guests bring families and then Oh yeah, well you can come on. No, you can't come. Um Oh well we want to bring, you wanna make sure to get Jack and Suzy to come on down here. Um However, we don't want, you know, Susie to bring her kids and they're mixed family, you know? Uh So we got to make sure that so be very cognizant of that and it's, it's either on or off, it's like a light switch. Don't do both. Um but inviting all Children to the celebration probably wouldn't work either. Again kind of went back on that unless if you had some place for these kids to go. Um So that's what I'll do if you're going to have, I want all kids there because I just like kids. I love kids, but I think you want a kid crawling up your wedding dress for the ceremony though. Oh, I wouldn't care. I'd probably hold it. I'd probably hold it honestly, I'd be like, yeah, you want to join, come on. Okay, alright, well, and that also at that age too, if you separate them from their parents at the reception, then just like dropping the kid off at daycare. Yeah, some of those kids are gonna like that. I don't know if I would fully separate, because I want kids, like dancing and stuff, I I like the kid table where there's coloring stuff and but still, like in the I had a kid once at a reception, Color me a picture. Did you hang it up? I had it for a while. I don't know what happened to it. This was years, years and years ago. It's like one of the very first time I ever saw kids table. You're awfully quiet today. Mr Okimoto Yeah, I'm just listening. You're learning, learning, Learning about kids. He's on Tinder, swiping, right? Going, okay, kids? No kids, kids, no kids. So, um another rule, what do you do if someone just shows up then with a kid? Yeah, like you did all this, you did all this. It's on everything. You said it everywhere. Someone shows up at your ceremony in the church or whatever. I am a big rule person. You'd like, leave. I would I'm sorry. There are rules in place for a reason. It's it's it's it's kind of not to get political, but it's kinda like when, when everything was in a mask and they held it like over their face and then have it over their nose. I just wanted to go walk up to them and say that you're not that's breaking the rules there, pal and I'm not saying I'm for against when I'm not saying I'm against them, but if the rule is wear a mask and then wear it. Okay. If the rules don't bring your kid, don't bring your kid. All right. It's it's the rules are there. I mean, totally anarchy. If we didn't have rules and that's just kind of where I'm at, that's the rule. I'm expected to follow it. I mean, you need to follow it and that's kind of where I'm at Dalton doesn't like rules. I know that he's kind of a man. I hate confrontation. So I would definitely send someone else to have that conversation. It couldn't be me. I think it would have to be you though as a bride. It would have to be you. Have you met me? Yeah. Well, I could not. Okay. But I'm not going to do any of your friends and family. Just show up with the kids and you said no kids. I'm not going to say no kids, I don't know. But if you did say no kids wouldn't any of them do that. I don't think so. I don't think so. I don't mind kids at reception as long as their parents are well behaved a I want them to have fun. I want them to run around and scream when it's time when it's time, it's definitely a parent thing. Parents need to be aware of what their kids are doing and I know it's hard, Parents want to have fun too. But you came and you brought your kids and you're the parent first. So it is hard, but it's not hard. I mean if, so if if your mom and dad and you got two kids and you know you want to go get a drink, have mom sit there for a little bit, go talk to your buddies switch in and out, make sure there's always somebody watching them at least that's another thing too. What do you think about it happens? I know what happens. I've seen it happen. Mom and dad have a lot to drink. And what are your kids looking at, what are your kids watching? Do you want your kids around that? Like my, my personal wedding, there was a reason why I had it on the grounds of shattered state college. You know why because there could not be any alcohol at the state property. I could have gotten alcohol there. I was student liaison to the president. He even asked me, he came to my wedding do you want alcohol? I can get you the forms. And I said, no, that's the whole reason we're having it here is because I didn't want to deal with that because I know there are some people, um I love your family, but I know there's some people on, on, on one side of my family that do not do well with alcohol did not want it at all. Um and you guys are my wife, she's not a drinker, she hates the taste of alcohol and I'm not a heavy drinker either. But um when you're at a wedding and you're even like me, I'm a social drinker, I will have a beverage or two, but I do not like drinking in front of my kids, I don't and I don't get blitzed out when I drink, I just don't um but there are people who I've seen some or like the dad is like acting a fool in front of these kids and I'm like right, and so you know all and not just your kids, all these kids and so when you're pointing and laughing and uncle raised there and and aunt jemima and and all these people are pointing and laughing at your dad and I mean what's that say to the kid? Oh that's funny, that's funny, I can do that. Go back to Dalton's story a couple of episodes ago with the groom going to the bathroom in the middle of the floor. What if there were kids everywhere now just thinking about like all of those stories. Yeah, actually I just yeah, what the heck wow, I never thought about it and he didn't even bring up kids that when all those horror things are like you and me bring up kids, I mean no, but oh wow, that was actually really good, thank you. Yeah, I was going to say that if I did it, he's asian, he can't do that. Um um emotional damage, We need to get that sound, but I really do have to look for that. You have to look for that. So another tip do call anyone who assumes their kids are invited. That goes back to sending out the invites. But as we know, No one reads email anymore, No one reads lengthy texts anymore. It's, Yep, got it. Um and I, I, I will admit that before I actually got this position, I didn't read emails and if it was a long text, I got, I'm not reading that now and then you forget about it and there may be some information in there and now I understand communication is huge, especially in the wedding industry. Uh so, you know, it's it's it's it's it's normal to have kids that you have a healthy family affection for. Um but you need to address those issues right away and say, hey, I'm, I need to call these people and call them. That's gonna be a hard conversation to have. And I understand that. Um but, you know, there's a way out of all this, don't have kids. Okay, there's, there's two ways out of this. Do you want kids? Eventually someday? I mean, I know you're 24, but do you want kids someday? Obviously we know Amanda does, but I might as well have puppies, kittens, chickens and dogs and kids, wow. Yeah, they're not all gonna, I'm gonna birth maybe one member, birth, one and then I'm gonna adopt 11. Yeah, Wow, that's that's a lot of uh here's what happened cause me and my wife, we wanted 3-4 kids when we first got married. We had to install expensive little boogers. We're, we're, we're done. And that's what he said. If Matthew would not have popped outta boy, we probably would have tried again. But then you have three kids and then you have that middle child. So then you almost have to have 1/4 in my opinion. So thank God. Matthew, thank you for being a boy. Way to go. So, but no, here's, here's a way out of it. I mean obviously not having kids um venue restraints, especially with covid being around, we can only have capacity. And that did happen quite a bit with a lot of these covid weddings. I noticed that there was not a lot of kids at these and I think it's because either mom and dad didn't want to expose the kid to a big area with a lot of, a lot of, because this is back when there was no vaccine for kids. So that could have been part of it. Um another part of it was these, these capacities for these venues, they were on these, you know, they started out 25 moved to 50 and then they were 75% for a long time. And so do I want my aunt there instead of my cousins. Absolutely, that's just me, you know. Um so you got to, you got to, so, so it may be just because hey, I'm sorry your kids can't come because there's just not enough room, which I think most people would understand that I would think so. I would say, I don't think I've dealt with too many problematic kids at my weddings in the midwest here. I've had a couple like kids with photo booth props um, when we had some of the like swords and things before like start hitting each other taking off and like I've had to run after them and be like, no, you can't, you can't be hitting each other and like kind of babysitting a little like that, but I'm like, which one is your parent? Like how can I find your parents? My favorite thing to do? And, and, and thing that bugs me probably the most is when the bride and groom go up for that first dance as husband and wife and there are little kids running all over the floor there in the video again, that in all the pictures again. And so I do make an announcement. Mom, dad loved Children have two Children of my own. I want to run around and have a good time, But let's go ahead and find their off switch for 10-15 minutes because this is a very special moment and we want to make sure that if he decides to twirl his wife out, that kid doesn't get hit stepped on or you know those dresses, I mean, I've never personally worn a wedding dress, but I imagine that they're probably kind of heavy and a little bit awkward to move in on some of them. Right, Right. So what's, what's find the off switch for a minute or one of my favorite things to do if there's just too many kids and I just know you can just feel the energy in the room that this is not gonna work. I always come up with a story and tell the kids, I want you to sit down and make a big circle around the dance floor, have them sit and I tell them they're going to see something magical happen. But they have to sit, they have to be quiet and they have to wait for it and you will see something magical happen and they will sit there for a good 10, 15 minutes. And then by that time all the dances are over there. Like I didn't see anything and if they come and ask you about it, I'm like, well, yeah, you did. You just saw them dance for the first time as husband and wife ever and they don't care about that. They were in a way they sat and they were, they were fine and everybody, everybody, everybody's happy and then let them run around during the dance. That's, that's part of it, as long as they're behaving themselves, some of the best video, I've gotten our little kids dancing and having just the best time, like some of the best uh filler for the role for these videos or just kids having fun. I get the little babies dancing. Yes. So the big rule uh, that I'm taking away from all this is, is sticking guns. Do not waver. Even if you properly addressed the invites and you shared word of mouth through text, through email, through the written word, post a note on the website. Be prepared to get some pushback. There's gonna be some people that are not going to like that. But the biggest rule here is the woman in white, I'm guessing to family or family is always going to stick to the rules. I mean, if I would think she would do that. If you have a friend who was like, well, I can't bring my kid, I'm not coming. Well then okay. Yeah. If it comes down to that where it's either you go to celebrate your friend's wedding or you bring your kid to the wedding. I mean we're not really friends anyway. Yeah. Right. Well, and you just gotta remember to address the issue with with sensitivity. I mean, it's stupid to get into a fight whether or whether or not your best friend or your cousins or whatever, kids can come. Um that's, that's, that's just dumb. And if you have a truly person who's really going to get angry at you, you know, pay for their babysitter. Yeah. Say I'll tell you what um um I want you there. It's very important. I do love your kids, however I want you to have fun and I don't want you to be mom and dad, I want you to be my guests. Let me pay for your babysitter. I'll bring the kennel, we'll throw them in there, we'll bring the trench gun, we'll turn it down a little bit, little bit so, but at the end of the day, the best thing you can do is just be thoughtful and helpful with, with, with, with your guests and the kids. So how do you, how do you, how do you ask, how do you say, hey, don't bring your little devils, Don't bring your, your, your, your naughty kids don't do that. So, um, I did some research on this as well and uh this is from the wedding playbook, another kind of the not type thing. Um some of these, I thought of some of these are actually on here, but whether you're deciding to invite Children to the wedding, it's different. It's difficult, but you gotta be able to say it besides don't bring your kids because then it's like, well what's wrong with my kid? What's wrong with my kids? Well, they're gonna have little, little, little devil spawns when they have kids. Um so Some things you say, please join us for an adult reception at 6:00. Okay. Again, if you put it on the invitation, you got to put it on your wedding website and you got to put it on the save the dates. But I think that's worded better than adult party only or don't bring your, I'm sorry when I think of adult party only. I think there's going to be some freaky going on. That's not what's going to happen. Uh So or please note this will be an adults only celebration. That's a classy way of putting that. So bing bong. Somebody at the door. So I'm gonna go take care of that. It looks like probably the male. Um I don't know if I agree with this one adult 18 and owner reception to follow. I don't know if I would specifically say like 18 and older Because technically in Alicia's in Nebraska you're not an adult yet at 18, 19. So and some people think, well even 19, I don't think a 19 year old as an adult that's still kid. All right. I was talking to my daughter today about her her her date to the uh, I'm sorry Bethany, it's not a date. You're going as friends. Yeah, I know the day I used to be a 17 year old boy. It ain't a date, sweetie. Sorry it ain't friends, sorry it ain't it ain't I'm coming. I'm coming for you Owen you better remember that. I got his picture. I know what's going on and all. I know. Is that your hands better be on her shoulders or right there on her hips and if you go in between or below, oh and we're gonna, we're gonna, we're gonna have a talk buddy, we're gonna have a talk. I'm just kidding Owen. I don't even know you but Owen 17. And she's like, stop calling the kid dad. And I'm like, he's a kid, you're a kid. So I'm sorry. That's just the way I'm 43 years old. You're if I'm older to be your dad, you're a kid. So you're almost a kid. Dalton is almost a kid. Sorry, What Are You? 2026. So yeah, it would be, I mean it would be closed. It could be, it could be if I was if I was doing naughty things when I was a young, a young teen. But we're not. No, no. How about respectfully, we respectfully request no Children under the age of 16 and a reception like that. That's my favorite. That's my favorite. Um Although we love your little ones. This is an adult only affair. I do not like that. Why? I was just gonna say, I kinda like it. What is wrong with it? It sounds dirty. Although this isn't, this is although we love your little ones. This is an adult only. Maybe not the word affair. So maybe only celebration. Yeah, I don't want to bring the word affair into a wedding. No, I don't like that word actually that makes sense. So although we love your little ones, this is adult only. How about the bride and groom request that this is an adult only reception. Again that's it's it's it's not a bad way of saying it. It's just you get crazy uncle Eddie. You know. Uh So and I don't know maybe grandma grandpa probably wouldn't like that either. I don't know. I don't know. Please celebrate with us at an adults only reception immediately following the ceremony. I like it when I mentioned it's not bad but I like the other ones where it mentions unfortunately we cannot accommodate Children. Thank you for your understanding. That sounds very rude. That's like you break it. You buy it. That sounds unfortunately your kids are not allowed here. Goodbye. Like uh oh here's some I like these X amount of seats have been reserved for you and your honor. Please let us know if you will be joining us meaning like you only put two. Yes. So you're only designating two seats per family. But what if like what if my wife could go to a wedding and I took Bethany and she's not that's true. She's she's a child. That's true. Just like dalton. True. Um That doesn't that doesn't cut out. No. So due to limited venue space adults only please. That one I like and that one and that one could be true. That would work due to budget and space limitations. We are unable to extend invitation to Children. I mean I get it, but I don't like it. Although we love your Children. We regretfully and cannot accommodate them at the venue to restricted numbers. That's too wordy. Just leave it as well. Although we love your Children. You just say yo leave your kids at home, bing bong, yep, no, don't say it. Um although we adore your Children due to budget and space constraints. We assets are adults only attend. No, it's getting to be too long and too like not even that, it's very um um viewer discretion advised, you know, due to some content, viewer discretion device uh regrettably are chosen venue was unable to accommodate the Children. Professional babysitting will be provided at the hotel Professional I mean define professional babysitting is like mary Poppins going to show up. What how do I how do I apply to be the professional wedding babysitter? Because I would totally do that. You know what? There's a market for that. Can I can we can talk about that later or include personalized notes. Hey, your daughter can come but leave your son home your daughter, your daughter. But we'd love to have lexi and max there, but unfortunately we are limited by budget slash space constraints. We hope you can still make it. That was because when you're using the name. Yeah, when you want to kick curfews to the curb, you can say to allow all wedding guests including parents a night of relaxation and uninhibited rivalry. We respectfully ask that no Children attend the reception. I mean I get it but it's still like only if you have like some kind of a medieval minstrel delivery with their UKulele looking thing. We love your kids but thought you might like a night of fun. Adults only please. No no no no to give all our guests the opportunity to celebrate with without having to worry about little eyes and ears. We politely request no Children that I agree with Amanda. It's like uh it's like well you know uh you know your reception where the clothes came off. Oh there were kids there though that that little girl scarred for life because when that when that dress came off there was a little girl walking from the deck into the reception hall. Was she staring at? Oh yeah the the dress came off, the little kid's eyes got so big and she just turned around and walked back out to the deck And I laughed so hard. How can you know you don't mean to but how do you not? It was hilarious. How do you not uh to allow all guests to relax and enjoy themselves? We have chosen to make our special day adults only. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation. That's not bad. A little wordy but I liked it. So what about when you're including newborns, nieces and nephews. Children of immediate family only please. But see that's the problem. You gotta go all the way in or all the way out. You cannot go. I don't think I could just say family only. You know how do you? Well then that goes back to who you think of as family. Like I could say that my best friend's kids are family to me. I could call them my niece and nephew and call them family and I'm like well they're not related. I have friends kids that I would take a bullet for. Yeah exactly. So and you can't you're telling me that they can't come because they're not blood. Now I have a problem with some blood so respectfully and adult occasion 18 plus infants under 12 months are welcome. What? Why would you want under 12 months? They cry. Maybe maybe it's ah Look at that. We just got a deposit. Um maybe it's a if I mean 12 months that kid needs its mom as much as possible. True. If it's breastfeeding you can't you can't I mean you can pump you can pump well unless there I mean you can you can you can pump pump pump pump. No I can't I can't I don't know if you knew that guys can't do that. Uh Due to limited numbers. We hope you appreciate that your Children's are only invited. If named Oh my God. That's horrible. That's bad. Read that again due to limited numbers, we hope you, we hope you appreciate that your Children are only invited if named. We hope you appreciate, wow. Yeah, wouldn't my gosh I wouldn't even go to that wedding or more of a Yeah, that's the worst one yet. That's more of the actually you're right, are you ready? Get earmuffs, earmuffs, get it, are you ready? Okay you can bring him back, put them back on him. And unfortunately we are only able to accommodate Children in the wedding party at our reception. Okay, that's going to be the flower girl in the ring but it's not horrible, especially if mom is a bridesmaid and dad is a groomsman and you're so close that their parents will be there as well if they're in the in the wedding party, if the parent is in the wedding party. Um that one, that one, but also it warns the west, the west, it warns the west kids at my wedding, the rest of the guests that it's happening beforehand like preparing them. You will see two kids but they are in the wedding party, right? We wish to include all Children. But unfortunately only able to invite immediate family and then only invite immediate family. Yeah, if you can't Yeah, you know, I don't like that with nothing even if I did have a kid and I had to be sure, you know, I don't know. Um but if I had a spouse, I would. I mean I would just be sure you don't have a spouse. No, I don't have a spouse. Um I would just want to have a babysitter for my kid anyway. Yeah, why don't you just want to? I would just want to go out there with my spouse and I love it. It doesn't happen very often, but when my wife gets all gussied up and puts a nice dress on. Yeah, like you just want it to be you and her and you know. Yes. And we really probably haven't done that since we had kids in the last time. We probably did. That would have been my sister's wedding, which was seven years ago and we dated. I mean it was like, oh my god you haven't taken your wife out, 17 was like, no, no no no, no, we've we've gone out, your kids are old enough. I was like, no, no no no no. We've got, we've got, we've gone on a date, especially just, we just went on one on friday. So uh so yeah, no one takes me on a date where you wanna go bing bong uh due to necessity rather than choice. It is Children of immediate family only, we hope you understand and enjoy your night off. You know what that sounds like you're at an amusement park due to necessity only enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your night off. Children of immediate family only. We hope you understand and enjoy the night off. That's the voice that's like when you get on an amusement ride. Keep your hands inside. Please keep your hands and feet on the right at all time. Thank you enjoy the ride. Unfortunately this is this, you're gonna need a separate piece of paper for this one. Unfortunately, due to space limitations, we are having an adult only reception. The only Children attending are those who are a part of the wedding party. If anyone needs help with making arrangements for childcare, please let us know and we will do our best to assist. So they offer right there about helping to pay for a sitter or something or just find one or give uncle Ron a bottle of tequila top of cigars. Tell him to sit upstairs and I'm coming down. But also I know this is really rude but like if you if it's between going out to a wedding or paying for a babysitter. Yeah, you could just stay like if if if if it's that big of a problem and he would just stay home. So that's 27 ways. I would not use. What was it due to limited numbers. We hope you appreciate that Children are only invited if named. I think that's the worst. One of my favorite one though was where it said um, the names at the beginning of the kids. Where was that one? Um, although we love your Children regretfully accommodate. No, no, it started with, I don't remember what their names are. The names were the names were in it. They were in it but I don't know if it was in the beginning I think it was more towards the end you're probably right. Uh Gosh, where'd I don't want to find because it was it was it was really really good. Um Due to limited number. That would just be such a hassle to like if you knew family members had kids to get all your different implementations. Do you your your younger guy Dalton. Not that you're old either Amanda. But do you have a lot of friends with kids? I currently don't no, no I think I have three. Like Elena. Elena just got married. She's your age right. Yeah but she doesn't have a kid yet. I don't think you should have a kid. But does she have any, there were a lot of kids there I mean because she's so yeah there were a lot of kids. Oh my God. Yeah okay. There was one kid that sat by the fog bubble machine and wouldn't even let the bubbles come out. He was just popping them right away. That's the only thing that was coming out was fog. Was she mad that he was doing that. No she didn't care. I didn't think so. Of course it wasn't Selena. So who knows what state of mind she was in our wedding night. We love you Elaine and we missed you. Um Yeah, I can't find it. Why can't I find it? Because I don't know it said something about like we love although we love your Children right now and that's not it. Um Oh my gosh. Oh here it is. Uh we'd love to have lexi and max there but unfortunately we are limited by budget and space constraints. We hope you can still make it. Yes. I don't know if I would continue. I would it would depend I wouldn't wouldn't use the budget or So we would love to have, we would love to have Lexi and max there. But unfortunately this is a limited to 18 and older or something and see that sounds thing. It's just yeah, I mean people can understand that weddings are expensive. What? Don't tell me that Especially more now. Oh gosh. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Although now keep in mind my sister had connections because of me $13,000 And there was over 400 people there. And that's with getting a huge well and I don't either. We have actually pretty small family. I have one cousin on my dad's side and two on my mom's side. That's it. So we do have a very small family and then there's just me and my me and my sister and my brother, so we're not talking a whole lot of people but my brother in law's family is huge I guess it really does depend on And I would say that there was, I would say there's close to 400 people there and maybe 100 were family and friends on my side and all the rest were all his, which is fine. I mean, he's got a great family. Everybody I met that's related to him is awesome. But yeah, it was, it was a big wedding and I'm surprised she pulled it off. Now. She's very, very artsy fartsy ng'andu. She made her own bouquets in her own lots of lots of stuff. And then when your brother owns a wedding company that helps too. So, whoa, whoa. So, you know what? Um we're gonna go ahead and do on deck and I know we don't have a guest in studio because people don't pick up their phones and return phone calls to me. Please come on. People will call me back. It's a, it's a busy week right after right there. So yeah, that's sure. That's gross. I don't know why you held it for so long because I thought it was a mouse turd and then we had issues. It was, it was, it was in a murky hairball. It's okay. It's okay. All right. So, um, I think we're going to spend and then I'm going to ask Dalton to questions. I'm gonna ask Amanda to questions and you guys can ask me questions. You can ask Dalton and we'll just do this here. Let's see what happens. I mean, let me, that didn't work. There we go, red which is, would you rather this is my favorite deck actually. Uh what is your deal? I don't know. Stop talking, wow, we're on a podcast for those of you watching at home. Amanda has stopped talking. So I'm gonna shuffle them up here. I'm gonna do dalton first. So you do the bridge interesting. You know, you said that last time, stop it, stop hitting the button, give it a second. Oh there he is. Yes, but after this I'm going to find emotional damage. That was a good one. Alright Dalton. Would you rather would you rather be able to record your thoughts or dreams while you sleep? Wait, no, wait a minute. Isn't a thought in a dream kind of the same thing when you're sleeping. You know, thoughts are more so like what's going to happen the next day or what am I did, I shut my heater off in my office. Did I shut my heater off in my office? You did not, you did not um definitely record dreams because I have had some freaky ones where I would like to go back and see what actually happens because you know when you live the dream then you forget it. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. You hardly remember any of your dreams? Oh I don't remember a single one. I woke up a couple of nights ago like violently woke up like like shot up out of bed and jumped onto the floor and went, no, not again. And I woke up my wife and she looked at me like, oh she did, are you okay? Now keep in mind this is also the same woman, who, this is kind of embarrassing story, but I'm gonna share it anyway, we just got married. Okay, me and my wife were very, very old fashioned, did not live together, did not sleep together, did not do any of that stuff before we got married, okay. I actually lived in our apartment a week before she moved in because she was still living in her house during the week of the wedding. So the first or still would not have been the first night, because it was our honeymoon would have been the second, or had been the second night, Okay, Never slept with another woman in my bed before ever, Okay. And apparently I got up, my golf clubs were just, we were still kind of moving in a little bit and I got up and grabbed a golf club out of the bag, I was asleep and which Gwen, there's a raccoon and into the bed, he took the golf club and started beating the crap out of the end of the bed asleep, I was asleep, Oh my gosh, okay. And so she probably went, oh my God, she's like, I just married that. And then yeah, right, and then a couple months later I woke up and I was squatting on top of my dresser trying to figure out how to open the window when I woke up. What are you do? You did that happen before? If it did. I don't know about it. No one. No one. No one was over there. Like, but it really hasn't happened since then. And I think it has to do with me getting married and changing my life right? With the raccoon thing. That was freaking Can you imagine that? Never, Never, never been around this guy at night before. I mean that late he wakes you up holding a golf club, beat the crap out of the bed. Uh So yeah. Anyway, um Amanda. Yes. Record thoughts or dreams. Dreams because I would like to remember my dreams. Do you remember? I think they'd be fun. How we fell in love. We were young and innocent. You were messing different song you were singing, You were going to do different songs. Oh, I was doing Michael Jackson. Do you remember the time this lady wants our fax number? We can't fax from where we're at. You know why? Because we're in 2022. Would you rather blow your nose with sandpaper or use bubble wrap instead of toilet paper? I'd rather use bubble wrap in the same way you read these bubble wrap. It wouldn't do anything. What do you mean? It wouldn't It would still it's still okay. We'll go get some bubble wrap today. Oh well, I don't we've read this one before, but I don't know if he answered. Would you rather have creamy peanut butter or chunky peanut butter? Creamy, chunky? Put those two together? Yeah, I like them big. I like em chunky. All right. That's it. I'm done, wow. Do you want to spin the wheel again? Mix it up a little bit or do you want anywhere? Where would you rather? Would you rather do you want to Dalton go then? Come on Dalton. Spin the wheel for me while Dalton looks for his cards because, you know, he takes forever forever. So Amanda, you'll be reading from Jason. No green. Which is also what isn't green. Your he might be we don't know what that last night dalton. For God's sakes, buddy. Come on. Okay, wow. Would you rather be handcuffed to the most annoying person? You know, for 24 hours or go camping with someone who likes you, but you don't like them? Okay. So be handcuffed at Dalton or to go camping with Amanda. Uh you know, we've been thinking about doing that again. We did that a long time ago where we had a camping trip and it was it was staff only you couldn't bring your significant other and then The next year nobody want to do it because we could bring significant others and I'm like, I'm not babysitting 40 people. Uh I would rather go camping with someone who likes me that I don't like back. I get very annoyed easily, like, but I wouldn't be outwardly annoyed. I'd just be frustrated inside. And I would probably cry a lot if I was handcuffed to someone, I wouldn't ever be mean. I would just be inside. Like, is there a mean bone in your body? I mean, can you can you can be savage. I don't know if he can be mean. I know you can be savage because I remember vito going, damn, I know that's savage. I don't know what you said. I don't know. You don't know. Next question dalton. Oh, I'm still assessing the other one. Would you rather spend a year living at a nudist colony or within the Amish Amish community? Go ahead. This one's hard because I love technology. Yes, But I hate being naked. I don't, I don't have a well, okay. I don't know. Maybe some married, I don't mind being naked, but around somebody that don't strangers around somebody. I don't know. But they're going to be comfortable with it though. That is as long as I'd still stick. I would do the Amish thing. Not because the nudity thing scares me away. And I mean, it's in my top of my head right now because it's kind of weird. I don't know you and you're standing talking to me, I could be and I could be with people who were naked. I couldn't be naked. So I'm going to be an Amish people. I want to, I just want to see how they live. I want to learn their trade their butter. That's what Yes. Yes, raise a bond on monday soon. I'd raise another one more. Go ahead. Would you rather have your voice sound like Gilbert? Godfrey or Fran drescher? The nanny or whatever? Um Well, I'm gonna have to deal with Gilbert only because I've heard him actually talk normal and it's not horrible. Not that Fran drescher can do it. I mean she turns it up to, but she's still kind of like this even when she talks normal and I just really irritates me and I don't want to sound like nasal girl. So there you go. All right, Amanda go for it. Um Do you have a favorite t shirt? If so what is on it or what does it say? Um to be honest, I know this sounds weird. My favorite t shirt, which is why about more is our complete weddings and events t shirts that just have just a logo on them and there's a t shirt. They are so freaking comfortable. Do you hear me corporate? You hear that? Keep buying those that say no, no, no, no. There's just, it's just a black or a gray t shirt and it just has our logo on the left on the left boob and they are so freaking comfortable. I love them. I have like six of them. Do you have a favorite t shirt? I do have a favorite t shirt. What is it? My shiny Dragon Knight t shirt that I got for christmas. I'm shiny. Currently my favorite t shirt is my Ss park t shirt. It's just because it's comfy and like it feels this park? S park. I thought you said S S park and I was like S park or my I have a really nice long sleeve um that says uh I'm a badger on saturday. I'm a badger on saturday. I'm a bad girl on saturday. You know, I'm a badger on saturday, but I'm a saint on sunday and a cheesehead on sunday. Burn it. You deserved that one. You're getting better though because now that I'm pushing, you're not. I know, I'm just, I'm just going to ignore you. Just have to do the real thing. What would be the that one almost got me. It hit me in the throat. Um What, what would be the creepiest thing you could say? Well, passing a stranger on the street? No, while passing a stranger on the street. The creepiest creepiest thing you could say while passing a stranger on the street. Um I would probably, you can say some pretty creepy stuff, just like mess with something. I've always wanted to do this in an airport. That's horrible. Just walk up to some random change and go, don't get on the plane. No, that's so bad. That's terrible. Huh, creepiest thing. Uh Don't look down, don't look down, don't look down. You could walk past. I want to be like that wasn't the shirt I wanted you to pick this morning. Oh no. Here. Here we go. Here we go. I used to do this at the owners meetings. I'd come up to people and and hug him and whisper in their ear. You smell different. Awake. Yeah. That's creepy. Yeah. That's creepy. Do that. So is that it? I mean one more I think. Oh sure. I think um I don't know. Let me just shuffle and shuffle random more random. Random Amanda. The strangest skeleton you've ever discovered in someone's closet. That dalton Dated two Strippers. No, I don't know that what I found in someone else's. I can't think like find one in your own. How would you not? No, it's not there. I can't I don't know. You know what this is? That's that's that's really getting away after we've been doing that for a while. Um I don't Okay high school there was a girl that I had this mad God dang it window. We need to put curtains on that window. Um I had a mad crush on her. Like in elementary school. This is cool little schoolboy crush. Still had it in junior high. She actually followed which didn't follow me. But she followed me to the high school that I went to. Not because I was going there. But because that's where she's going and I found out that she liked me to the entire time the entire time. So you could have been together. Could have it wasn't it? Didn't it didn't happen. Didn't happen. Never dated her anyway. You got any? I don't think I do know. Yeah, I can't I don't I don't want to expose anyone on here so I can't think of anything. You guys. It was a weird, I found out I found out somebody was a Green Bay packer fan and that wasn't me. Horrible skills. That I mean, that's that's staying that's one of the lowest of the lows. There's a little louder. Did did that get you? Did I get you? I'm just going to let these halo over me. Hello? Stop hitting the button. Give it a second. All right. So, I think that's uh, that's it guys. That is it. So, once again, if you don't want to invite kids, don't invite kids, don't go halfway that nobody likes a half half faster Professor, No one likes that. So, yeah, but be be clear, decisive at the very, very beginning. Make sure you stick to your guns. Do not bend the rules for anybody. Uh, but there you go. We're gonna have some vendors with us again here shortly. Where you've got a couple of phone calls and emails out. Just put them out yesterday. Just haven't heard back yet, but I promise we're gonna have some more wedding stuff for you. Once again, this is wedding swats. Swat stands for special weddings, awesome talent. I am one of your hosts, Dave, always alongside of Mr Dalton Okamoto and a metal worker wishing you good day and good wedding. Yeah.